How to Become a Modern Saint.

Written by Stuart G. Harrison

How can anyone ever become a saint? Performing three miracles is so time consuming, and just what counts as a miracle these days?

Luckily, you can (right now) become a modern saint ofrepparttar Church of Reformed unimentalists. Their web address is

The church believes that everyone can have moments when they are saintly, so why not let them become a saint.

This belief is tied to a concern that many items and events in modern life currently have no parton saint to look over them.

Combining these two problems providedrepparttar 149921 solution, to offer modern sainthoods.

If you can provide details of a deed you have accomplished that you feel qualifies you as a Saint, together with a small donation of just 35 you will become a full Patron Saint ofrepparttar 149922 church.

To commemorate your sainthood, a gift pack is sent torepparttar 149923 new saint. This pack includes an Audio CD recording of your canonisation ceremony, a certificate, and further information about your new patron subject andrepparttar 149924 Church of Reformed Unimentalists.

Hilary Duff- Way Over Exposed!!!

Written by Please get someone who isn't annoying on!

Okay, I use to like Hilary Duff but every since she got a record deal, I can't stand her. After hearing her co star Lalaine sing, I was sickened by Hilary Duff getting a record deal. But then I realized why she did, Disney and her record company can make money off of her even more so. I mean she'srepparttar perfect marketing gimmick. Goodie two shoes, bottled blonde...and always listens to her mommy.

After seeing her constantly on Disney channel I just had to changerepparttar 149897 channel. Then seeing her on ice breakers left a bad taste in my mouth. Look Duff sisters, you're notrepparttar 149898 Olsens. So you can stoprepparttar 149899 whole sisterly love crap already. The girl is 17, but by looking at her image, you'd think she was only a 10 year old. When is she going to stop playingrepparttar 149900 exact character in everything she does? Is she ever going to change and grow up? It was lovely when she started fading from Disney until her recent video started to play too many times on Disney.

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