How to Become a Dot Com Millionaire (Part 2)

Written by Jim Barrington

The news is full of bright young things earning instant fortunes fromrepparttar Internet. Virtual businesses are not justrepparttar 119083 domain ofrepparttar 119084 young. Inrepparttar 119085 second of this 2-part article, James Barrington of shows you how to joinrepparttar 119086 growing ranks of successful e-entrepreneurs and get wired for success.

Technology This stage isrepparttar 119087 most expensive part ofrepparttar 119088 process. You will need programs to ensure your specific functions will work seamlessly and returnrepparttar 119089 results you require inrepparttar 119090 way you expect. Because something has not been done before, does not mean it is not technically possible. As long as it is cost effective to write a program to fulfilrepparttar 119091 need, then this can go toward providing some of your unique market positioning. The golden rule is to keep things as simple as possible forrepparttar 119092 user to move around. The crucial point to note is, to achieve success, there must be a demand for your service inrepparttar 119093 physical world and you need to demonstrate how you will make sustainable profits. Without this solid foundation, no amount of fancy technology will make your site successful or raiserepparttar 119094 investment you require to make it happen.

Think Big Remembering your worldwide audience, it is wise to think as large as possible when designing a high growth Internet venture. Whilst you can cater for localised areas, it is vital that your programs are capable of serving a worldwide client base shouldrepparttar 119095 need arise. In order to grow and expand, you will naturally requirerepparttar 119096 potential to enter new markets and attract new clients. Designing for a worldwide client base is infinitely cheaper than designing a small program and then redesigningrepparttar 119097 entire website asrepparttar 119098 business expands. Standardise your functions and administrative systems wherever possible. Think very big indeed and you will find yourself inrepparttar 119099 running for success! The Internet is only limited by your own ambition, Raisingrepparttar 119100 Money Technology businesses are about risk and risk does not come cheap. A single program can cost upwards of 100k and hardware can cost an equal amount. The message here is that you should not risk what you cannot afford to lose. It is often better to own 25% of a venture generating huge profits than 100% of a venture that will fail due to lack of adequate working capital and finance.

The answer here is to attractrepparttar 119101 attention of investors and expertise with a mixture of cash and share stock in your venture. Finance can be raised from Business Angels or specialist venture capital firms; however most will be looking for an equity stake andrepparttar 119102 existence of a strong management team. Ifrepparttar 119103 idea of being answerable to someone else scares you, then sellrepparttar 119104 working model, programs and strategies torepparttar 119105 highest bidder and exit withrepparttar 119106 cash.

Too Good to Be True??

Written by Nicole Seekely

Let's face it, not all people are good. I know what you must be thinking, "What a pesimistic person you are!" However, there are some facts of life we all just have to deal with. There are people out there who want to scam you, spam you, or do whatever they can so that they can make a profit.

I've been inrepparttar internet world for many years. I've learned gradually over time how to tellrepparttar 119082 difference between when something's true and when it's not. Here's a run-down of things to watch for onrepparttar 119083 'net when signing up for free stuff.

*!*! WEB SITE ADDRESS *!*! If you're signing up for a freebie that's located on a page withrepparttar 119084 address of, chances are you're wasting your time. If they can't even afford to buy their own domain name, how can they afford to produce and ship thousands of freebies?

*!*! WEB SITE DESIGN *!*! This is just my personal opinion (of course, this whole article is) and you many not agree with me. When a page has no design or layout or color, but just some text in a really big font saying "SIGN UP NOW!!",repparttar 119085 freebie doesn't look too promising or reliable. It seems to me as though they've slapped a bunch of text onrepparttar 119086 page in two seconds, and they are trying to get your e-mail address so they can spam you.

*!*! COMPANY NAME *!*! I look for this one a lot. If it's a brand name such as Revlon, Pantene, Sprite, Yoo-Hoo, etc.., I usually quickly sign up forrepparttar 119087 offer. These companies are very reliable and trustworthy, and would almost never try and scam you. If it's a company name you've never heard of, well that doesn't mean they're bad people. It just means you should sign up with caution.

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