How to Be Successful Working From Home!

Written by Michele Miller

How to be Successful Working from Home!

So, you’re interested in starting a home business? How are you going to make it happen?

Many people only dream of working from home and don’t think it’s really possible for them to do so. Sometimes it’srepparttar fear of failure that holds people back.

I’m here to tell you IT IS possible and you can make money and enjoy working form home, you just have to be willing to try.

First of all, you have to have a business idea.

Let’s look at some legitimate home business ideas to begin with; let’s get some ideas going here…

Web design, Graphic design, Internet marketing, Secretarial Service, Medical Transcriptionist, Home Parties, (there’s lots of these around and you can definitely make good money if you stick with them), Pet Sitting, Errand Runner, Copywriter, Real Estate, Photographer, Caterer, Furniture Maker, Candle Making, Wedding Consultant, Computer Tuition, Music Lessons, Insurance Agent.

There’s loads more, but as you can see, it is possible to find something you enjoy that can be a great home business. You might have to take some classes to begin with if you don’t have a skill. It depends what you are looking for.

The trick with any home business is to ease your way into one. Keep your regular job while you develop your home business. Start your business part-time and let it build. When it reachesrepparttar 117145 point where you are making enough money, you can quit your regular job. This way, you won’t be taking risks and depending on a new business to support you right away.

Allrepparttar 117146 above mentioned businesses are relatively low cost start-up businesses. Forget having to invest hundreds of thousands just to start your own business. Some ofrepparttar 117147 most successful businesses were started on a shoe-string, or thereabouts…

Website Development: Become Your Own Expert

Written by Theresa V. Wilson

Starting and maintaining a business is challenging enough withoutrepparttar additional financial burden of hiring a web site expert to put your vision on paper. If you are starting your business on a “shoe string budget,” hiring someone to take your written materials to type in a basic format, add a few pictures and edit what you tell them periodically may not be sound money management.

It is not necessary to be a computer “wiz” to develop your web site. You do have to know your product or service and be able to follow directions. Even if you have a web site consultant, “hands on” content and presentation development will be your responsibility—the buck still stops with you. Before you hire that web site expert, considerrepparttar 117144 following information. It may save you money and unnecessary waste of time.

One strategy is to utilize web site packages that provide software to enable you to selectrepparttar 117145 number of pages needed, choose background color schemes, and will include “download” features that will identify various products and services you offer. These packages offer you control over content 24 hours, 7 days per week, as opposed to contracting someone at $450-$600 for initial development then $50-$75 per hour to generaterepparttar 117146 inevitable changes in content as you grow your business. In addition, most web site consultants include “fine print” detailed costs for adding pictures or changing landscape.

Although you do not have to speak an unfamiliar computer language to masterrepparttar 117147 development of your business web site, you do have to know your product or service and a commitment to marketing and developing your business. Let’s take a look atrepparttar 117148 basics of web site development for a five (5) page site:

1.What do you want your visitor to see when they visit your site? Begin with “colors” for background andrepparttar 117149 printed words. Depending onrepparttar 117150 service or product, it will either be a soft gray background with black or maroon print or black or dark blue background with white print. Others may have pastel colors with soft print. Color selections are based onrepparttar 117151 product or message.

2.What information shouldrepparttar 117152 visitor see first? The Welcome page should be viewed asrepparttar 117153 same asrepparttar 117154 welcome mat at your door. Its content will conveyrepparttar 117155 purpose of your business or service. Your welcome message can be developed usingrepparttar 117156 executive summary section of your business plan.

Remember, you are introducingrepparttar 117157 product or service and giving your visitor a brief overview of what they can find onrepparttar 117158 other pages of your site. You are letting potential customers know they are inrepparttar 117159 right place. You have 15 seconds to capture your audience. Not unlike other personal presentations, don’t waste time on unnecessary words. Get torepparttar 117160 point. Entice them to want to know more. Information on this page, therefore, must be prepared by someone who knowsrepparttar 117161 company and its products or services. Even with a web site consultant, no one can better describe your company than you. The basic facts will come from you. NO passingrepparttar 117162 buck here.

3.Who are you? The “About Us” page is your “brag bag” opportunity. This is where you talk about business accomplishments and expertise, awards and recognition. You can also provide a brief overview of yourself (especially if you are promoting consulting services) or background and expertise of any partners or key staff.

4.What are you selling? The product or Service page. Here is your sales pitch opportunity page. Describe how your product or service will be useful to your target market. Why is it unique? Who will it help? Why should they purchase it? This page, more than any other, will be fine tuned on a regular basis inrepparttar 117163 beginning. Wording, pictures, headings, etc. may need to be adjusted and revised as you develop and grow your business. For this reason alone, control over your web site should be a paramount consideration. Pictures are worth thousands of dollars.

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