How to Be Productive

Written by Jude Wright

How hard do you work? Do you work hard or do you work smart? Many people work very hard but never seem to getrepparttar things accomplished they need to in order to meet their goals.

The first step to working smart is to admit that even though you have a lot to do, you will NOT get it all finished. Realize that "you can't do it all" and don't let that fact frustrate you.

The next step is to decide how to spend your time. Try to set up a "time budget" just likerepparttar 116839 way you budget your money. Time is a very precious commodity. The way we spend our time determines how we earn our money - and how much we can earn.

Think about allocating your time as investments and expenses. Consider watching television, gossiping or dining out as expenses. Onrepparttar 116840 other hand, going to college, writing a book, or learning a new skill are investments because they contribute to your future success. The more time you spend on investments,repparttar 116841 more successful you will be.

Extra Income --- that would be nice

Written by Esther Smith

Extra Income ---- that would be niceÖ.

Inrepparttar mid 50ís, a family could survive on one income. Today, very few can manage on two. And that wonít be enough in another few years.

Itís a shaky future. All of us would be wise to have multiple incomes flowing into our bank accounts.

Prosperous people have always known this. If one income vanishes, they have others to support them. Ordinary people are much more vulnerable. If they lose even one of their incomes, it wipes them out. It could take years to improve this situation andrepparttar 116838 rippling affects can be disastrous.

It wonít be long before people will need a portfolio of income sources Ė AND from completely different and diversified avenues. If one source dries up, you will barely feelrepparttar 116839 bump. You are sound. You have time to adjust, regroup. You are safe.

Do you have multiple incomes flowing into your bank account at this time? Are they Linear or Residual? And do you knowrepparttar 116840 difference?

You have a Linear source if you get paid for every hour you work. You have a Residual source if you work hard once, and it releases a steady flow of income for many years. You are rewarded over and over for that same original effort.

Even doctors and attorneys are not as wealthy as they appear. They donít earn residual incomes. They can only see a fixed number of people per day and they have to be there every day to generate their single Linear income. They may appear to be wealthy, but they workrepparttar 116841 same hours and days that most of us do. The only difference is their Linear income is higher than ours.

If you are smart, you will start shifting your income sources from Linear to Residual and eventually realizerepparttar 116842 freedom to do what you want, when and where. This can be accomplished easily, without a lot of fuss. Start with ONE new residual source this year. How about right now?

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