How to BEAT The ODDS!

Written by Bob Fioravante

Today, many people are craving financial freedom and independence. Despite what they've been taught all their lives in school (to conform; do what others tell you to do, prepare for a 40-60 hour-per-week job), these "netpreneurs" are appearing online, "ready" (somewhat) and willing to build their marketing "empires."

Many netpreneurs are choosing to start a network marketing business, since you can begin this type of business without a large capital outlay. Sadly, though, a good percentage of these individuals have very little training in marketing, computers, orrepparttar internet. And guess what? They’re losing their collective "shirt" in repparttar 117770 process!

Before "diving" head first into an online business, there are some important facts and trends to be aware of that can impact your success in network marketing. We will look at some of these rather formidable obstacles to your success, as well as several popular and effective strategies that flourishing networkers are now using to achieve long-term financial security.

GET THE FACTS FIRST! Over 96% ofrepparttar 117771 new business opportunities onrepparttar 117772 internet will fail! In his book, Wave 4 - Network Marketing inrepparttar 117773 21st Century, Richard Poe tells it like this: "... A tough choice lies before you. Hundreds of companies vie for your attention, most of them start-ups. Among those start-ups,repparttar 117774 failure rate is high - over 96 % withinrepparttar 117775 first year ...." Less than 1% of all MLM distributors ever earn a profit!

In 1997, MLMSurvivor wrote,repparttar 117776 "Truth: for almost everyone who invests, MLM turns out to be a losing financial proposition. Less than 1 % of all MLM distributors ever earn a profit...!"

There has been a tremendous increase inrepparttar 117777 number of network marketing opportunities presented onrepparttar 117778 'net, with more companies going into "pre-launch" every day. With allrepparttar 117779 increased competition these companies create, MLM downlines are becoming smaller, and so are your chances for earning a profit!

Usually,repparttar 117780 1% of distributors who become successful are people with exceptional sales skills, advertising skills, andrepparttar 117781 ability to train and motivate others. Very few people are endowed with a combination of these special talents!

All too often, when people begin their online network marketing venture they are under capitalized. They underestimaterepparttar 117782 cost of advertising and promoting their new business properly, especially in today’s highly competitive online environment. Profits often come too late to coverrepparttar 117783 cost of monthly business expenses.

The sad fact remains that there is a frightfully small success rate in network marketing. The majority of distributors are left with nothing more then broken dreams and drained bank accounts. For many distributors, repparttar 117784 prospect of earning a profit online becomes highly doubtful, andrepparttar 117785 internet becomes a risky environment viewed upon with skepticism and negativity. The only option now seems to be giving up!

BACK TO THE DREAM Rememberrepparttar 117786 original "dream" you were sold when you entered network marketing? A Guru or sharp salesperson described his or her company as utilizing "Synergy." He/she explained that he creates wealth for his distributors by combining three critical components: residual income, leveraging of time, and duplicatability.

Wow, sounds impressive, doesn't it? But consideringrepparttar 117787 barriers to success explained above, you can see howrepparttar 117788 "synergy" of these 3 "critical elements" might fall far short for many people.

Residual income, leveraging of time, and duplication are repparttar 117789 three traditional components that can make network marketing a powerful business model. Indeed, they do sound effective, but they can be misleading, as evidenced byrepparttar 117790 extremely high failure rate of MLM distributors.

Experienced networkers know this; they know that in today's fast paced, competitive, and complex online environment, a full repertoire of effective, innovative techniques is needed in order to build and maintain a lasting and profitable business. Let's take a look at five specific, innovative strategies that successful online network marketers are now using to help "BEATrepparttar 117791 Odds".

MARKETING GROUPS You may have filled-out a request form for one of these groups. They have catchy names like: Forever Free Leads Group, Prosperity Positions Group...Powerful Computer Money Group...Permanent Downline Universe Group... Infinite Money Online Group...etc.

Leverage In Your Home-Business, Guarantees Success

Written by Jeff Coach

"Give me a long enough lever, and I'll moverepparttar world." ~ Archimedes 287-212 B.C. Successful businessmen use their marketing experience, education, money, consistency and hard work. Stalwarts among them however, leverage their limited available time forrepparttar 117769 highest levels of success. Most of you may not have all these blessings. Most of you, who want to have a home-business or Internet business of their own, and buy all these know-how books, reports and ebooks, will never make it. From many obvious reasons. Yet,repparttar 117770 good news is: You have as much time available in a day to use asrepparttar 117771 wealthiest person on earth. You can use your time asrepparttar 117772 lever in your business and make a fortune. Let's start fromrepparttar 117773 bottoms up. Atrepparttar 117774 end goal. Let's say, you've somehow learntrepparttar 117775 right skills to earn $50 an hour in your home business. And you did it in a very simple way. So simple everyone can learn it. A 16 year-old, a homemaker or a factory worker. Everybody. Regardless of their background, financial status or education. Say, you now earn $2000 per month, part-time. QUESTION: Do you think that now you can attract people to become your customers, affiliates, MLM distributors, partners? In fact, people who will refer you tons of business? You bet! Loads of them. Wouldn't you? Say, you have a job, living from paycheck to paycheck, and your good friend or someone onrepparttar 117776 internet says: "Let me show you a 100% proven SIMPLE WAY of how to start earning $50 an hour, and possibly, much, much more down repparttar 117777 road?" You'd shout: "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!" THAT'S CALLED LEVERAGE. You'll have tons of people who would beg you to teach them repparttar 117778 business. So much so, that you will be able to choose repparttar 117779 most open-minded, teachable people who can follow directions, and are sure to succeed, regardless of their background. Like I do. I only work withrepparttar 117780 most suitable people who qualify, by going through a 3-step screening process! The market place doesn't pay for long hours and hard work alone. You get paid forrepparttar 117781 value that you bring torepparttar 117782 marketplace. The ability to earn $30-$50 an hour without any special education or experience, so that it is duplicated by others, is of tremendous value. The more duplicable your business,repparttar 117783 more duplicable will be your income. "But wait a minute," I can hear you asking, "how do I create such an incredible lever? A $50 hourly income-story?" VERY GOOD QUESTION. I cover it in great detail in other articles. But, let me give you some practical tips. THE GRAMMAR OF MONEY In online/offline marketing, we talk about cost per lead, conversion rate, gross profit, per average sale, promotion cost per sale andrepparttar 117784 like. All these are important. They determinerepparttar 117785 profit per average sale. LET'S TALK SIMPLE But you can even do business without any of these jargon. Let's talk in a way that everyone can understand. For starters, you want to spendrepparttar 117786 minimum possible time per sale, including all your efforts inputs like promoting, presenting and closing. Online and/or offline. In other words, you create a high hourly income, so that you leverage yourself fully. You are now many, many times as powerful and result oriented. WHAT DO YOU NEED? What do you need in order to earn MAXIMUM PROFIT in MINIMUM possible TIME per sale? 1 BE UNIQUE ... ... so your products or service have a demand, less competition, needing less effort and time to sell, etc Unique, caring after-sale service can create a great leverage.(see #3 and #5 below) Great selling tools. Anything that can

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