How to Attract and Retain the Right People

Written by Michael Beck

If you’re one ofrepparttar many executives struggling with finding and keepingrepparttar 119510 right people to propel your business forward, you’ll find these insights helpful.

If you’re frustrated by trying to motivate people, work instead to develop a company where people are self-motivated – where they do things because they want to. When we’re inspired, we enjoy our work, we’re productive, and we’re proud of our efforts. We remain focused and committed torepparttar 119511 task at hand. In short, we put forth out best effort.

An organization will attract and retain a team of people dedicated torepparttar 119512 success ofrepparttar 119513 organization and its goals when it has a Purpose, a Mission, and a set of Values that it lives by, effectively communicates them throughoutrepparttar 119514 organization, and measures its actions and decisions against them. Let’s define what Purpose, Mission and Values are and talk aboutrepparttar 119515 implications of having them clearly defined and embodied inrepparttar 119516 organization.

Purpose: Purpose isrepparttar 119517 "WHY" ofrepparttar 119518 equation. Purpose defines why we do what we do. It defines why we go to work each day. Without purpose, people just go throughrepparttar 119519 motions and as most of us know, there’s a great difference between activity and achievement. Having a purpose creates a yardstick, so to speak, to measure our decisions against. It helps us become passionate, helps us to select amongrepparttar 119520 many options presented to us, helps us make better hiring decisions, and keeps us on track. It’s possible to succeed without a clear purpose, but having one speeds and magnifiesrepparttar 119521 results.

When a company has a clearly defined purpose it begins to act as a magnet, attractingrepparttar 119522 kind of people who will furtherrepparttar 119523 purpose; people who are like-minded. Not only will having a purpose retainrepparttar 119524 right people, but it will also act to attract them. This isrepparttar 119525 power behindrepparttar 119526 success of many not-for-profit organizations. Although they often are unable to pay their staff great sums of money, they continue to attract and retain people who are dedicated and who work hard to achieverepparttar 119527 purpose ofrepparttar 119528 organization. While your organization’s purpose may not be as altruistic as a not-for-profit’s purpose, it definitely plays an important, almost critical, role.

How you develop a meaningful purpose? Involve people throughoutrepparttar 119529 organization in order to develop and distillrepparttar 119530 essence of why your organization exists. Don’t simply rely onrepparttar 119531 executive team to develop and then dictaterepparttar 119532 purpose torepparttar 119533 group. And certainly don’t rely on an outside company to create your purpose for you! It has been my experience that a well-defined statement of purpose is a single sentence, crafted to capturerepparttar 119534 essence of “why”repparttar 119535 organization exists using as few words as possible and resonating when read or spoken. This brings clarity and energy to it, and makes it much easier to keep in mind when making decisions and policies.

Attacked in the Jungle!

Written by Thomas Yoon

"Tak kenak! Tak kenak!" "Adak Orang sanak!…………"

The quiet jungle has suddenly become noisy with intruders. Strange voices and shouting seemed to appear all around us. They were definitely foreign. We were being attacked!

We had been expecting an attack, but we did not expect it so soon. We did everything possible to protect ourselves, but repparttar only cover we had were some bushes, tree trunks, leaves andrepparttar 119509 natural foliage. If we protect ourselves fromrepparttar 119510 front, we could not cover our backs. Such wasrepparttar 119511 defense we managed to set up.

Our casualty was very high. Nobody could escaperepparttar 119512 onslaught.

Luckily, this was not real and nobody died.

This was just a Wargame andrepparttar 119513 weapons were eggs.

The event was an Outdoor Survival-like Jungle Training. Organized byrepparttar 119514 training department of our Company, a group of staffs went over torepparttar 119515 forest reserve at Lata Mengkuang, Sik, Malaysia to take part in Team Building.

The 3-day training started off withrepparttar 119516 usual briefing, and ice-breaking sessions onrepparttar 119517 first day. Each person was given a dome tent for spendingrepparttar 119518 night. Various camp crafts were taught. Lectures were given on Motivation, Compass usage, Mission, etc throughoutrepparttar 119519 day and night. In between lectures, there were group management activities, which put into practice what was taught. The management activities tookrepparttar 119520 form of games, whererepparttar 119521 participation of everybody inrepparttar 119522 team andrepparttar 119523 clarity of direction fromrepparttar 119524 leader are of utmost importance. Inrepparttar 119525 games,repparttar 119526 team and leader had to work together to fully understand their own capabilities and weaknesses in order to overcome obstacles, and to achieverepparttar 119527 target in a limited time. The first day session finished at nearly 12 midnight.

Almost allrepparttar 119528 participants could not sleep very well inrepparttar 119529 first night. The ground was hard and cold. The portable generator set, which supplied electricity supply for lighting, was really noisy. Mosquitoes were not a problem, because we had takenrepparttar 119530 precaution to sprayrepparttar 119531 enclosed tent with insecticide beforehand. There were some expression of fear of creepy-crawlies from some female team members, and also ofrepparttar 119532 tent being washed away if it rains. Other than thatrepparttar 119533 night passed on without any incident.

We startedrepparttar 119534 second day morning with jogging. The distance was very far. Our muscles got more and more tired. After breakfast,repparttar 119535 lecture and management activity sessions was conducted likerepparttar 119536 previous day. The topics and activities were of course different, and were more interesting. We were taught Principles of War, and also briefed on Jungle Mission. We were to enterrepparttar 119537 jungle at about 5.30 p.m. onrepparttar 119538 same day.

The Jungle Mission was about camping inrepparttar 119539 jungle at night, attacking other teams, and protecting your own camp. The whole group of people was divided into 4 teams, each with their own leader, scout, navigator, deputy leader, and members. The team was guided by experienced jungle guides fromrepparttar 119540 organizers whose job was to only take us to our jungle campsites, and offer advice if needed. The challenge for each team is to capturerepparttar 119541 flags of other teams, which also included a team of Orang Asli's (jungle dwellers). Allrepparttar 119542 teams are free to make their own decision on whether to seek and attack or to stay put for defense. But it is only in attacking that a team can achieverepparttar 119543 target of capturing other team's flags. However we could also lose our own flags if we go on an attacking spree without guarding our own camp.

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