How to Add MIDI to Your Computer

Written by Ross MacIver

Interested in making your own music? Writing songs, instrumental music, even symphonies? You can do it with your computer thanks torepparttar wonderful technology known as MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface. No need to know how to read music, MIDI can be edited using easy-to-read graphs.

MIDI allows you to connect musical keyboards and other devices to your computer and each other. They communicate to each other with MIDI –repparttar 137670 language specific for musical applications. With a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer, you can record music, edit it, orchestrate it and polish it into a professional product.

There is a MIDI connection built into most personal computers. The joystick port doubles as a MIDI interface and you can connect a standard MIDI cable to it. The MIDI cable has two connections – MIDI out and MIDI in. Connectrepparttar 137671 computer’s MIDI out torepparttar 137672 keyboard’s MIDI in andrepparttar 137673 computer’s MIDI in torepparttar 137674 keyboard’s MIDI out.

Next, you need some MIDI software try outrepparttar 137675 connection. You can try a freeware product like JAZZ++ or a commercial product like Cubase. Many companies have demo products of their MIDI software, allowing you to try before you buy.

Withrepparttar 137676 MIDI software installed and running, play a few notes on your MIDI keyboard. They should be recorded intorepparttar 137677 software and available for playback and editing. If nothing happens, you may need to make some changes in your BIOS setup. Rebootrepparttar 137678 computer and checkrepparttar 137679 BIOS to make sure thatrepparttar 137680 MIDI port is activated. Checkrepparttar 137681 documentation of your motherboard for details.

What is Magic the Gathering?

Written by Sue Edmondson

What is Magicrepparttar Gathering? Magicrepparttar 137430 Gathering is a collectable trading card game. It is also a strategy card game where two or more players playrepparttar 137431 role of a powerful wizard. Your deck represents allrepparttar 137432 weapons in your arsenal. Including creatures to fight your battles and spells that you can cast for attack or defense. Each player designs and builds a deck to reflect their unique style of playing. There are millions of strategies, possibilities and ways to play Magicrepparttar 137433 Gathering.

Magicrepparttar 137434 Gathering players battle each other by using their own deck. A deck is a collection of cards used in a game. In Magicrepparttar 137435 Gathering you can only have 4 of any one card in your deck other than basic land cards (although there are a few exceptions to this rule such as Relentless Rats)

Because there are thousands of cards and possible combinations every player can use their own strategy and combination of cards in their deck. A deck is a collection of 60 cards a player can use at tournaments. This 60-card minimum is often used in most casual games. Every card has a cost that needs to be paid in order to playrepparttar 137436 card. This cost is called mana. Mana comes from land cards or other cards that also produce mana such as Gilded Lotus.

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