How to Add 1000+ NEW Subscribers to Your List Each and Every Month!

Written by Melanie Rockett


We all keep hearing how important it is to grow our "lists." Whether your list is an ezine, an online newsletter or a customer contact list it can create an income or generate additional traffic to your website.

The problem is that many web entrepreneurs don't haverepparttar slightest idea how to kick start their lists, let alone keep them growing steadily month after month.

It is possible to develop and grow a list even if you have NO website. Having a website will definitely help, but don't wait, get your list started right now and add your website later.

Why do you NEED a list? As freelancers and web entrepreneurs, we need a way to keep in contact with our existing and past customers ... and we need a way to keep putting our information and name out in front of potential customers. We have to keep reminding customers that we exist and we have fabulous services to offer.

A graphic artist friend maintains a small local list. He sends out an occasional newsletter that talks aboutrepparttar 124227 work he has recently completed ... he includes samples ofrepparttar 124228 illustrations and graphics he has created for his clients. The clients he features love it because they get some exposure and free advertising! This newsletter serves to keep existing and old customer informed aboutrepparttar 124229 types of projects my friend does and it is a very non-pushy way of keeping his name in front of potential clients.

What my friend HASN'T done is expand his list and offer it to anyone who wishes to opt-in. He could potentially be building an international business with a very small additional effort.

How DO you build your list? There are literally DOZENS of ways! In this article I will show you how you can get started and literally add 1000+ new subscribers to your list a month.

First of all you must get your ezine or newsletter onto as many ofrepparttar 124230 list announcement services and list directories as you can ...

-------------------------------- List Announcement Services --------------------------------

There are dozens of newsletter and ezine announcement lists and ezine directories. The trick is finding them, making your announcement and getting onrepparttar 124231 permanent lists.

Start by developing an information file about your ezine. You don't have to do this all at once ... just start withrepparttar 124232 basics and add to it as you go. (I use ClipMate to makerepparttar 124233 copy/paste job faster and easier).

Here's a list ofrepparttar 124234 types of information you will be asked to provide:

>> The name of your ezine >> A longer title (up to 100 characters) incorporating your most important keywords. Three versions of your ezine description. >> A full description of up 250 characters, another of up to 150 characters, and one of just 100 characters. Use your most important keywords, adding more as space permits. >> A list of 10 to 15 keywords relevant to your publication. These are words and short phrases you want searchers to find your ezine under. Start with your most important keyword, and work your way down, withrepparttar 124235 least relevant word or phrase last. Separate each ofrepparttar 124236 key terms with commas. >> The main URL of your Web site. >> The URL to your Ezine information/sign-up page. >> The URL to a sample issue (if you have one). >> The URL to ezine archives (if you have any). >> The e-mail address used to subscribe to your list. >> The e-mail address used to unsubscribe from your list. >> The approximate number of subscribers. >> Your full name Company/Organization name. >> A contact e-mail address that may be published online. >> A private contact e-mail address (not to be published).

Different directories will request different bits of information. Collectrepparttar 124237 information in your file as you go ... so you don't have to recreate it each time.

What is the Quantum Connection? Description

Written by Charlotte Anthony

Quantum Connections Quantum Connections isrepparttar ezine of A Quantum Reach, where we are puttingrepparttar 124226 heart in health care, one person at a time. We believe itís time to gain control over OUR personal health and OUR health care system. Wherever you are inrepparttar 124227 system (a patient, a caregiver or completely healthy), A Quantum Reach shows

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