How the War Against S^p^a^m is Killing the Internet

Written by Bill Platt

Hands down, email isrepparttar most widely used and loved computer application brought to life byrepparttar 132745 Internet.

According torepparttar 132746 publication 'Messaging Today' (2000 Electronic Mailbox Report - Feb. 21, 2001), "Email isrepparttar 132747 most successful communications technology sincerepparttar 132748 television, and in a few years will even surpass that. There are currently more than 891 million email accounts in use Worldwide and 440 million inrepparttar 132749 U.S. alone - with an average of more than 4 email accounts per person."

While more than 200 million of us use and enjoy email, there are a few thousand people abusingrepparttar 132750 system and damagingrepparttar 132751 communication potential of email forrepparttar 132752 rest of us.


The most common forms of email abuse are as follows:

- Using email harves^ters (software which gathers email addresses fromrepparttar 132753 Internet forrepparttar 132754 purpose of sending sp^am messages). - Sellingrepparttar 132755 addresses gathered from an actual opt-in email list to someone whorepparttar 132756 recipient did not give contact permission to personally. - Buyingrepparttar 132757 Mil^lions CD's and then requiring people to opt-out of email, rather than to opt-in torepparttar 132758 email. - Providing remove addresses that do not work.

Generally,repparttar 132759 persons using these sp^am techniques are morons who are simply too lazy to learn how to develop an honest online business or too impatient to build a business that will last a lifetime. Let us not forget that "moron" isrepparttar 132760 key word here since a sp^ammers business will not generate enough income to justifyrepparttar 132761 cost of doing businessrepparttar 132762 outlaw way.


Sp^ammers sp^am because they are too lazy to build an online businessrepparttar 132763 old-fashioned way --- with honesty and integrity.

As a result ofrepparttar 132764 sp^ammers obnoxious laziness,repparttar 132765 public has been confronted withrepparttar 132766 growing nuisance of hundreds of sp^am messages in their email boxes on a daily basis! I have filtered more than 100 pieces per day to my trash bin, and I still receive another 200 plus messages per day that I have not set up filters for yet.

While I will admit that sp^ammers are truly annoying, I must confess thatrepparttar 132767 general public has created new problems for all of us! Inrepparttar 132768 war against sp^am, email account holders constantly suggest that their ISP's must deal withrepparttar 132769 sp^am issue for them.


By puttingrepparttar 132770 responsibility of controlling sp^am onrepparttar 132771 shoulders of ISP's, rather than hittingrepparttar 132772 delete key ourselves, we have opened a whole new can of worms.

In truth, ISP's cannot do too much to stemrepparttar 132773 tide of sp^am. Yet, with so many angry customers, ISP's felt a strong need to find some kind of solution torepparttar 132774 problem.

ISP's had one of two options:

- RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) - Installing Email Filters

Neither is a perfect solution torepparttar 132775 sp^am problem... In fact, both are actually very poor solutions torepparttar 132776 sp^am problem!


To understandrepparttar 132777 quandary created byrepparttar 132778 use of filters inrepparttar 132779 war against sp^am, we must first understand how sp^am filters work.

It is important to understand that filters are actually software applications.

Software is not intuitive!

While a few software applications may seem intuitive,repparttar 132780 illusion exists only becauserepparttar 132781 mind ofrepparttar 132782 programmer was able to foresee your desires forrepparttar 132783 use ofrepparttar 132784 software.

Filtering software exists only as a set of rules to determine repparttar 132785 likelihood of a message being sp^am. Here is an outline of some ofrepparttar 132786 basic rules that sp^am filtering software follows:

1. Ifrepparttar 132787 origination email server is different fromrepparttar 132788 email server ofrepparttar 132789 sender's default email address, then it is likely sp^am. 2. Ifrepparttar 132790 email is delivered to more than 25 people, it is likely sp^am. 3. Ifrepparttar 132791 email originates from a specific server, then it is likely sp^am. (This isrepparttar 132792 only rule thatrepparttar 132793 RBL follows.) 4. Ifrepparttar 132794 email originates from a specific country TLD (top-level domain), then it is likely sp^am. 5. If certain words appear inrepparttar 132795 Subject or Email Body, then it is likely sp^am. (This is whererepparttar 132796 real problems begin!)


ISP's who chooserepparttar 132797 filter option will either install a filter on incoming email only, outgoing email only or a combination of both.

Withrepparttar 132798 fifth basic rule inrepparttar 132799 sp^am filtering software that most ISP's use, each ISP has a list of "sp^am words" thatrepparttar 132800 software scans for.

A few ofrepparttar 132801 simpler, more obvious "sp^am words" follow:

- H^GH - D^VD - C^asino - G^ambling - P^orn - M^illion - B^illion - V^iagra

The first time I had experiencedrepparttar 132802 ugly filter problem was with my first ezine. My ezine was a computer support publication and uponrepparttar 132803 introduction of a major v^irus, I tried to send instructions to my list on how to identifyrepparttar 132804 v^irus and to repair its damage. Unfortunately, my list server had blocked all messages that mentionedrepparttar 132805 name ofrepparttar 132806 virus. (Never mind thatrepparttar 132807 actual payload email never mentionedrepparttar 132808 given name forrepparttar 132809 v^irus!)

My second experience was in trying to send an article to a friend because I feltrepparttar 132810 content ofrepparttar 132811 article was important for my friend to have. After seven attempts, I finally realized whatrepparttar 132812 blocked "sp^am word" was. If you can believe it,repparttar 132813 blocked word was Ama^ !!!

Spammers - Where do They Come Up With This Stuff?

Written by Laurie Rogers

Lets face it we all get spammed and it drives us nuts! If it were not for folders, I would probably NEVER find my "legitmate" email. I probably do NOT get as much spam as most people do, but when I do get it, boy do I get it! I especially love it when people come by and spam my paid list building site, little do they know that I have several ways of finding out WHO they are ;o)

When it comes right down to it though, sometimes you really have to laugh at some ofrepparttar garbage they send. According to spammers not only do I need viagra, I also need an enlargement for a body part I don't even have. I some how also managed to request this information at one of their sites, not once, but 200 freakin' times.

We all have our incoherent days, but I think I would at least getrepparttar 132741 drift afterrepparttar 132742 first 100 times. And really now, like I am going to send a spammer my credit card info in an email! Like I said, we all have our incoherent days, but I am sure as heck NOT that darn incoherent at ANY time. Even if a web site doesn't use a "secure" server -I'm NOT buying and there's no two ways about it, let alone in an email.

Seriously, like how stupid do these people really think we are? "Laurie how would you like to harvest millions of email addresses a day?" Whoo-Hoo! I better jump right on that one, so my web host can shut me down and I can lose EVERYTHING I've worked so hard for inrepparttar 132743 last 3 plus years. Yeah I will get right on that one.

"I saw your site and got your email." Really? So what did it look like? Because last time I checked there was NO site for that email address you moron. And if there was - WHO said you could email me?

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