How the Rich Build a Profitable Website

Written by Aaron Kater

Howrepparttar Rich Build a Profitable Website

This article is geared mainly to those investors who either have a product to market and no website, or they have neither a product nor a website.

First, to those investors without either a product or a website. If you have no or very little money to invest in a new website, let me tell you about a great site that will let you build a brilliant website absolutely free. Yes, thatís right. will let you build a sizable website that will remain in existence forever, for free. All you have to do is invest a little time and effort in withrepparttar 131646 site wizard, and youíll have a great website in very little time.

If, onrepparttar 131647 other hand, you do have a little money, then you can simply sign up for a paid domain name in an upgraded account at After that, just market your website. See my previous article, Howrepparttar 131648 Rich get Rich Online, for details. After you get done marketing, you can sign up with affiliate websites and earn commissions. All of this is covered inrepparttar 131649 afore mentioned article, Howrepparttar 131650 Rich Get Rich Online.

Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

Written by Sumantra Roy

A question that I frequently hear is "Do I really need to have my own domain name?" The one word answer is "YES.". If you put up your site with some ofrepparttar free web hosting services,repparttar 131644 only company who benefits isrepparttar 131645 web hosting company. The last person who benefits is you. There are a number of reasons why having your own domain name is a must:

1) When you have your own domain name,repparttar 131646 address of your web site will be ofrepparttar 131647 form Onrepparttar 131648 other hand, if you put up your site on one ofrepparttar 131649 free servers,repparttar 131650 address of your web site will be something like Which of these two sounds more professional? Which of these two is smaller and is hence easier to remember? I leave you to makerepparttar 131651 judgement.

2) The only way to make money online is to build up credibility among your customers. Having your own domain name isrepparttar 131652 first step in doing that. Your customers will feel more comfortable buying whatever it is that you are selling if you have your own domain name. It makes your customers feel that they are dealing with a large, established company, rather than with some fly by night operator.

3) When you have your domain name, you can have multiple email aliases ofrepparttar 131653 form This allows you to assign different email aliases to different functions, all of them pointing to your actual email address. Hence, for example, for questions related torepparttar 131654 products and services that you sell, you can have an email address like For questions related torepparttar 131655 newsletter that you publish, you can have an email address like For comments/suggestions about your web site, you can direct your customers to or Having different email addresses for different functions not only makes it easier for you to filter your email using your email client program (Eudora Pro, Pegasus Mail, Outlook Express etc.), but also gives your customersrepparttar 131656 impression that yours is a large, established company with whom it is safe to do business.

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