How the Internet Helps Musicians

Written by Scott Richards

Everyone talks aboutrepparttar negative impact ofrepparttar 145851 Internet onrepparttar 145852 music business. Illegal file sharing and copyright violations have decimatedrepparttar 145853 profits inrepparttar 145854 industry. Record labels are less willing to take risks with new artists becauserepparttar 145855 profits have dried up. Sales have steadily declined overrepparttar 145856 past several years to in large part torepparttar 145857 proliferation of illegal downloads. All of that is true, but there are two sides to this coin. Sure, things are tougher today forrepparttar 145858 new musician than ever before, but there are also new opportunities thanks torepparttar 145859 Internet.

The Internet has reducedrepparttar 145860 barriers to entry intorepparttar 145861 music business. Today thanks torepparttar 145862 rapid evolution in technology, a musician can record a song and share it with listeners aroundrepparttar 145863 world. Inrepparttar 145864 past, distribution was controlled byrepparttar 145865 record labels. Unless you had a record deal it was almost impossible to reach listeners outside of your immediate area.

Distribution was not only controlled, but there was no way aroundrepparttar 145866 high costs of physical distribution. Manufacturing a batch of CDs or tapes could be prohibitively expensive forrepparttar 145867 starving artist. However, with free MP3 distribution viarepparttar 145868 internet, an artistís music can reach acrossrepparttar 145869 world. An up and coming Latin diva can share her tunes with someone in Europe. The next rock star in Africa can share his music with someone in Japan. The Internet has opened a door that allows artists to share their art with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

5 Tips for finding the best poker websites

Written by Ian McIntosh

There has been an enormous growth in poker websites inrepparttar last couple of years and there are now literally hundreds of them to play at. But how do you select a good poker site? Here are 5 factors that you should consider when making your choice of where to play poker online.

1. Reputation It is usually best to stick with a site that has a good solid reputation, especially if you are a beginner and you've never played poker online before. Most ofrepparttar 145850 big names have an excellent reputation and they have to be absolutely fair in order to maintain this.

2. Signup Bonuses We all love something for nothing and you will certainly get that when you sign up for poker online. Almost all ofrepparttar 145851 sites will offer you some sort of bonus to sign up with them so you need to shop around and see who is offeringrepparttar 145852 best deal. Of course there is nothing to stop you opening an account with several different sites if you want to.

3. Number of players. All ofrepparttar 145853 major sites have many thousands of players online at any one time. You will never struggle to get a game, there should always be a seat available for you. However some ofrepparttar 145854 smaller sites attract far fewer visitors and you may end up frustrated, waiting forrepparttar 145855 right playing opportunity to arise.

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