How the "Firefox: How to..." Manual Helped Me

Written by Garret Belisle

A few months back I really got sick of my computer always being slow and having system errors. So I started doing a bit of research and heard of a new browser called "Firefox".

After a few months of going through it I started to see a huge difference in my computers performance and as a result in my own productivity online and off. This was a direct result of usingrepparttar Firefox browser. So I then started to learnrepparttar 143658 features that came with it and I realized that this browser had A LOT more features than I had ever seen or used on any other browser. As I started to mention this to my co-workers and friends and family they all got interested inrepparttar 143659 browser and decided to install it on their own systems.

Thats whenrepparttar 143660 questions started.

It didn't matter where I went, I ran into someone who had a question or questions on "How do I do this?" or "How do I do that?" Realizing that I was never going to get any work done I sat down with my programmer and we decided to hitrepparttar 143661 challenge head on and "Firefox: How to..." was born.

Contact Lenses : How to wear and not tear

Written by Peter Smithson

If you've never had contact lenses or haven't worn them in a long time and need a refresher, here's a few tips on what to do and what not to do when wearing and caring for your lenses.

First onrepparttar list, make sure to listen to what your doctor tells you. When he or she prescribesrepparttar 143648 lenses inrepparttar 143649 first place, they know what type of lenses they are giving you as well asrepparttar 143650 type of care they will require.

Some people need to remove their lenses for a few hours each day and let their eyes 'rest,' especially inrepparttar 143651 first few weeks of wearing new lenses.

Learn to carry rewetting drops with you. Nothing like dry eyes during work or a meeting will make you wish you had stashed an extra bottle of solution in your car.

Avoid excessive rubbing at your eyes while wearing them and wear sunglasses when you're inrepparttar 143652 bright sun. If your eyes hurt excessively or you experience severe itching and redness, call your doctor. These are signs you don't want to ignore.

One thing your doctor will do onrepparttar 143653 day you pick up your new contact lenses is to go over their care. You should wash your hands every time you intend to handlerepparttar 143654 lenses.

Microscopic dirt and dust may not seem like much, but when it is pressed between your eye andrepparttar 143655 lens, it can cause discomfort and pain. You will be provided with a holder for your lenses as well as solution to store them in, depending onrepparttar 143656 type of lens you buy. For daily disposables, you don't have to store them in anything.

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