How secure is your data? Preventing the theft of your internet property.

Written by John Miles

Monday morning first thing andrepparttar phone rings. Itís a typical call, sincerepparttar 131749 previous Thursday a small business has noticed that some ofrepparttar 131750 images on itísí website are starting to appear on other sites. They know enough to understand that once these images are out, they will be unable to prevent their spread. What theyíre after now is advice on how to stop them from being stolen inrepparttar 131751 first place.

Everyone is always wiser afterrepparttar 131752 event and there is a certain complacency in all of us that says itís not going to happen to me but when it does we need to know what we can do about it. In this caserepparttar 131753 damage has been done. Someone had hacked into their site and downloaded approximately 20,000 images. Some of these were licensed from image suppliers and some were taken by themselves at great expense. The cost torepparttar 131754 company is easy to work out in terms of what they paid forrepparttar 131755 images inrepparttar 131756 first place, but what is more difficult to ascertain isrepparttar 131757 ongoing revenue loss that will occur.

Ongoing loss becauserepparttar 131758 nature of these images means thatrepparttar 131759 more exposure they get,repparttar 131760 smaller their value becomes. In this caserepparttar 131761 law of supply and demand applies to intellectual property just as much as anything else. Byrepparttar 131762 timerepparttar 131763 web server logs were checked andrepparttar 131764 perpetrators identified, six days had elapsed. In that time these images were identified on twenty eight different websites and that number was growing byrepparttar 131765 day. By then it was a practical impossibility to have them removed.

Even worse was thatrepparttar 131766 images appeared on an image brokers site and were actively being sold with a license for use by other people. The fact that this site was in Russia meant that there was nothingrepparttar 131767 company could do to prevent it. In short they simply had to swallowrepparttar 131768 loss and try to prevent it happening again.

What we all need to understand is that it is very difficult, if not entirely impossible, to prevent your data being stolen. If they want it badly enough, they will get it. Your job is to make sure that you make it so difficult, they give up and try elsewhere. For most of us,repparttar 131769 basic security of our website is handled byrepparttar 131770 siteís hosts. Being certain of your hosts capabilities is a good start to securing your data. Have you ever asked them how they secure your web server? Perhaps now is a good time to do it.

Web hosting is like any other business. They concentrate generally onrepparttar 131771 ďbitsĒ you can see in order to get your business. What they can cut costs on, they will and, although any good host will have security firmly atrepparttar 131772 top of their list, some ofrepparttar 131773 cheaper ones may look at ways of reducing their spending. One very security conscious host is Iíve used them for a number of years and always found them to be good when it comes to protecting your web site.

E very Small Business Needs Two Websites

Written by John Jantsch

Every small business owner knows that they need a website, right? Wellrepparttar truth is what they really need is at least two websites.

One website that is specific to their business, product, service, name, etc. and...

another site that is an educational site specific torepparttar 131747 benefits of their service or product.

So tells all aboutrepparttar 131748 various lures and tackle you offer, even more aboutrepparttar 131749 charter trips, and eventually how to buy. (your other site) however is full of informative information, how-to tips, and resources for avid fisherpersons.

Of course this site also has plenty (but not too many) of links back to

Here'srepparttar 131750 deal. Online people don't go out searching for companies, They go online looking for solutions, information, answers to life's persistent know like what'srepparttar 131751 best hat to wear cod fishing?

Your second website gives themrepparttar 131752 answer and sends them to your first site to go shopping.

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