How my page rank went from 0 to 5 in one update. How yours can too.

Written by Joe Balestrino

Increase Your Google Page Rank!

This article will put a damper on web sites that sell information which will supposedly increase your page rank. I may make some enemies here, but this is already common knowledge. In fact, to make sure it worked, I designed a new site just for this purpose. Before you shell out money for an ebook, software, or CD telling you how to do this; read this article. If you achieve great results after following my advice and feel it was worth some money, feel free to write me a check for any amount you choose. I 'll add my own zeros.

Page Rank. We all know what is. We all want to rank higher. Higher rankings mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To web masters it means achievement. They have accomplished a move inrepparttar right direction. A high page rank to a website owner is money inrepparttar 150999 bank. It is also an impressive accomplishment. To other website owners your page rank may be a source of envy.

To Google your page rank means quality, importance and relevancy. It lets Google know you are a viable resource and a valuable asset. Google takes your Page Rank and combines it with their text-matching techniques. This, combined with a pageís content andrepparttar 151000 content ofrepparttar 151001 pages linking to it, determines if your site is a good match. So, a higher Page Rank will certainly help you on Google.

As for surfers. Most of them could care less about your Page Rank. In fact, many of them don't even know what it is. However, those that do use it in a different way. Some use it as a way to unofficially gauge your credibility.

Ok, I am sure you've been wondering when I was going to tell you about how to achieve a ranking like I did. I went from a 0 Page Rank to a 5. Now, mind you, I did not purchase any links from high ranking sites, or any sites for that matter. I did not launch a link exchange program. I did exchange links with about five directories related to my siteís topic, but that was it. Actually, 97% of my links are all one-way links (links pointing to my site).

So, how did I do it? Any ideas? If you know SEO you may already knowrepparttar 151002 answer. Link Farms? Of, course not. We know Google will frown on that method. Did I design or optimize sites and add my URL? Hmmm..Yes! However, that is a small percent ofrepparttar 151003 success. SEO companies donít usually add their URL to sites they have optimized. Ok, so what else?

Finding Profitable Keyword Phrases

Written by Michael Lawrence

So you have a site concept developed that you are ready to start writing great content for.

So what'srepparttar next step?

It's time to develop your "master keyword list" which you will use to craft your webpages. Thesearerepparttar 150998 words or phrases you would like to get ranked high inrepparttar 150999 search engine's for and getrepparttar 151000 free targeted traffic that this will bring to your website.

It is not enough to simply "pluck" words fromrepparttar 151001 air and start writing your web pages. You need to carefully select which words and phrases to target.

Food for thought:

What if there are already 10 billion web pages about your chosen keyword(s)?

Do you think a small business owner can compete with large companies who invest millions of dollars into their SEO strategies for highly competitive, high traffic keywords?

Obviouslyrepparttar 151002 answer is no but there is a bright side torepparttar 151003 equation if you are willing to invest time into researching your keyword phrases carefully. You will want to choose "niche" keywords that offer a combination of high traffic and low competition.

This of course is easier said than done but it can be accomplished as long as you use some ofrepparttar 151004 help that is available onrepparttar 151005 internet.

Here are a couple of first steps, tips and tools you can use to put together a list of niche keywords forrepparttar 151006 website topic that you have developed.

1. Keyword Brainstorming and Research

Think of throwing out a "wide net" here and try to write down as many keywords and phrases (consisting of 2-4 words) that are related to your Website Concept as you can.

Take each one of these words/phrases and visit:

Typerepparttar 151007 first keyword phrase intorepparttar 151008 "Get suggestions for:" box and hitrepparttar 151009 search button.

This will return you a list of words and phrases that are similiar to your keyword phrase and also provide you withrepparttar 151010 number of searches for each of these results onrepparttar 151011 Yahoo-Overture network forrepparttar 151012 month.

Copy all ofrepparttar 151013 keyword phrases that you think best suit your site concept along withrepparttar 151014 search data into a text file or spreadsheet. Save this file as your "master keyword list".

Note: Some ofrepparttar 151015 results will be totally unrelated to your site concept you do not need to copy these into your "master keyword list".

Repeat this process for all ofrepparttar 151016 keyword phrases that you initially brainstormed. Byrepparttar 151017 end of this process you should have a "master keyword list" of several hundred or thousand words and phrases.

Google provides a free keyword research tool as well but does not providerepparttar 151018 search statistics that Yahoo-Overture does. Augment your keyword list with any results that you find relevant using this tool.

2. Refine Your Keyword List Part 1

We need to shorten your keyword list to a tightly targeted and highly profitable subset of your master keyword list. These are going to berepparttar 151019 words we use when crafting our web pages forrepparttar 151020 search engines.

Start by performing searches for each keyword phrase in your master keyword list at:

Google will tell yourepparttar 151021 total number of sites it has indexed forrepparttar 151022 keyword phrase that you are searching for. Copy this number into your master keyword list for each keyword phrase.

You will now haverepparttar 151023 data forrepparttar 151024 number of searches onrepparttar 151025 Yahoo-Overture network forrepparttar 151026 month andrepparttar 151027 number of competing websites for each keyword phrase in your list.

Think of these numbers as supply(websites) and demand(# of searches). Findingrepparttar 151028 supply/demand number for each keyword phrase will help you decide which one's you want to target.

You will have to use your own judgement here depending on your goals andrepparttar 151029 amount of traffic you would like to generate. Make sure you have a nice mix high traffic and niche keyword phrases in your master keyword list.

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