How much money do you need to start an online business

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

While online business start up costs are nothing compared torepparttar brick-and-mortar businesses, you still need to make some minimum investment to launch a web business.

When you hear people say, "start a business on a shoe-string budget", remember this: a shoestring also costs something. And what for some people "small investment" means $1,000, for others it might mean $50 or less.

So, how much exactly do you need to have available to start an online company? Let's reviewrepparttar 117904 costs.

*Please, note: I am assuming that you already have a computer andrepparttar 117905 Internet access - otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this article :-) I am also assuming that you are starting a basic online business - not an e-commerce web site with advanced shopping cart system selling hundreds of items, which would require a bigger investment.

1. Domain Name

If you are serious about your business, you want to choose and register a domain name - You can purchase it for as low as $16.00 a year. Some web sites offer it for less, you just need to do some searching. Give a lot of thought to your domain name - after all, it will represent your company. I kept thinking about my domain forrepparttar 117906 longest time. I wanted something unique, memorable and with humor. That's how my was born.

2. Web Site Hosting

Hosting is an absolutely necessary component to any web business. Your web site has to reside on a web server, and hosting companies provide you with space on their servers for which you have to pay for. Of course you can choose a free hosting company at first (such as and but for reliability try to switch to a paid one. I use and my hosting fee is just $5.95 a month. I also had to pay a one-time $28.00 set up fee.

3. Web Site Design

Now,repparttar 117907 biggest stone inrepparttar 117908 web business set up - web design. You can choose to do it yourself by picking up a book for beginners, going throughrepparttar 117909 free online tutorials, or purchasingquality training materials to learn how to set up your own web site. Or you can hire a professional designer. Because web design is a relatively simple task for any computer-literate person, just about anyone can call themselves a web designer today. That's why fees vary greatly from $10 to $200 an hour for web design. You can probably hire a college student to do an entire web site for you for $200.

Make Money While You Sleep! So What's The Catch?

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

You have seen these ads over and over again:

"Make Money Starting With Absolutely Nothing!"


"No Work Required - Just Open Your Wallet Wide!"

Forrepparttar Internet newbies it is very difficult to decide if what these ads claim is true. Heck, if so many people are making money onrepparttar 117903 Internet, so can I, right?

That's until they realize how much hard work and patience is required to jump start their business. How much love and commitment is necessary to really make it take off. And finally, how much time and smart efforts have to go by until their business IS making money while they sleep.

Many of you are already familiar withrepparttar 117904 e-publishing giant Ken Evoy who created "Make Your Knowledge Sell". In his full money-back guarantee, Ken specifically states: give it two years before you can tell if your business is a success.

This means that in real life, success takes time, hard work, more time and more hard work. Nothing happens overnight, no matter how many times you see it onrepparttar 117905 Internet.

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