How much fight is in you?

Written by Joi Sigers


*** "Allrepparttar adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick inrepparttar 148775 teeth may berepparttar 148776 best thing inrepparttar 148777 world for you. " - Walt Disney

Walt Disney, who often struggled just to feed himself, had to declare bankruptcy in 1920. In 1923, he made his way to Hollywood with just $40 in his pocket. $40 and a sketchbook!

In 1928 Walt and a few friends, byrepparttar 148778 names Mickey and Minnie, tookrepparttar 148779 world by storm in "Steamboat Willie". Unsuspecting movie viewers were witnessingrepparttar 148780 birth of a legend! The rest is most definitely Entertainment History.

Can you imaginerepparttar 148781 flack Walt Disney must have caught when, penniless, he'd sit inrepparttar 148782 corner sketching?! No doubt he was called everything from a dreamer to a loser. Fortunately, he knew that it's notrepparttar 148783 name they call you that matters. It'srepparttar 148784 name you answer to that counts.

Free tips to increase your happiness and confidence levels

Written by Stephen Hill

If you have a very low self esteem or a lack of self-confidence you may be seeking help to gain extra confidence.

I was somebody who had a severe confidence crisis fromrepparttar ages of four untilrepparttar 148737 age of around twenty two.

Atrepparttar 148738 age of twenty two I started on a mission of self improvement and to try to make myself increase happiness levels in my own life.

I started reading various books and articles on increasing confidence and gaining self esteem.

In one ofrepparttar 148739 books, it had a chapter on what was named, "You have to start to like yourself".

It started by saying that there are probably some things in your life and about your person that you are not happy with. Some of these you are unable to change, therefore however hard it might be, you have to accept them, and even try to start to like them. Other things about your life or your person which you are not happy with you are able to change, therefore however hard it might be you have to work towards changing them.

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