How long have prescription eyeglasses been around?

Written by Timothy Gorman

From documents that were retrieved in Rome inrepparttar 13th Century, we know that prescription eyeglasses were available at that time. They were referred to as "spectacles" rather than glasses. Although we do not know for certain when prescription eyeglasses were invented, we do have proof that they did exist during this time period. A portrait done by an artist named Tomas da Modeno portrays a gentleman wearing eyeglasses. Obviously what we do not know is if they are prescription eyeglasses. There are, however, other documents such as a manuscript written by a man that implies that ifrepparttar 146149 he wasn't wearing spectacles, he would not be able to read or write.

Inrepparttar 146150 15th centuryrepparttar 146151 printing press was invented which meant more reading material was readily available. Thus,repparttar 146152 need for prescription glasses increased. The first reading glasses were held by one hand only duringrepparttar 146153 times that they were needed for reading. It was later inrepparttar 146154 17th century when people actually worerepparttar 146155 glasses regularly, after an optometrist created them with both earpieces. In those times, a person who was having difficulty with their eyesight would just go in and try on several pairs of prescription eyeglasses until they found a fit for their needs. That changed when Dr. FC Donders wroterepparttar 146156 first book on examiningrepparttar 146157 eyes to get prescription eyeglasses.

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