How important are headlines?

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Studies show that you have less than five seconds to getrepparttar attention of a reader. Think about your daily newspaper. Most people scanrepparttar 101221 paper. Ifrepparttar 101222 headline gets their attention, they will probably readrepparttar 101223 rest ofrepparttar 101224 article. If it doesn't, they probably skip over that story, and continue scanning until they see something of interest.

The first thing that should be seen is your headline. If you look at your Newspaper,repparttar 101225 headlines are usually short, in a larger type, bold print, and give a good idea as to whatrepparttar 101226 article is all about.

The same holds true when writing an advertisement. If your headline is weak, your ad probably won't get read. Your headline can make or break your ad campaign.

Probablyrepparttar 101227 most difficult copy to write is for a classified ad. You only have four or five lines to get your message across including your headline. If you can put your headline in bold print, that will make it stand out. If you can't, consider adding special characters such as ## your headline ##. We are conditioned to read letters and numbers, but not special characters. This will help your headline to stand out.

Another trick is to use white space. A headline that is centered onrepparttar 101228 first line ofrepparttar 101229 ad is more noticeable than one that is buried inrepparttar 101230 rest ofrepparttar 101231 text. If your headline is short (3 or 4 words) consider using ALL CAPS. Notice I said - consider. Never put your entire ad in all caps as we are not conditioned to read something written that way. Also, many people take offense to something written in all caps. That is considered as SHOUTING, at least onrepparttar 101232 Internet.

Don't Blame the Messenger

Written by Bob Osgoodby

I recently had a call from a fellow in Scotland and taking into accountrepparttar time difference, it was about 2PM there. He called to complain thatrepparttar 101220 ad he placed with us two weeks ago, hadn't produced any leads. While he was venting, I looked uprepparttar 101221 ad he had submitted.

He was in an affiliate program, and they provide a personalized web site, which not only gives information aboutrepparttar 101222 program, but also tracksrepparttar 101223 leads. He didn't includerepparttar 101224 web site in his ad, and his only method of contact was by email. The ad he originally submitted was full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, which we had cleaned up prior to posting.

As he slurred his way throughrepparttar 101225 conversation, I realized that he probably had a very long liquid lunch, and when I tried to explain what he needed to do, he called me a "con artist" and hung up.

Now is this to be expected if you provide web space, or run an ezine which allows advertising? Not usually, but as in real life, there are people like this onrepparttar 101226 web. Ad space in an ezine or on a web site, is just that - space, andrepparttar 101227 web has no magic. If you write a bad ad, you will not get responses. The same ad in a print publication, such as a newspaper or magazine, would yieldrepparttar 101228 same results. You can't blamerepparttar 101229 messenger, in this caserepparttar 101230 space provider, if your ad doesn't produce.

Many people have fantastic results with this type of advertising, and they all have a few things in common. They are selling a quality product at a reasonable price, and have takenrepparttar 101231 time to develop a good ad. They also realize thatrepparttar 101232 only purpose ofrepparttar 101233 ad is to get someone to request more information. They all have a web site that gives complete details, and where they makerepparttar 101234 actual sale.

Just having a quality product or program at a reasonable price is notrepparttar 101235 only thing you need. You must advertise it in an intelligent manner. The ad you place is referred to asrepparttar 101236 "tease". If this is done properly, it gets you torepparttar 101237 next step inrepparttar 101238 sales process, and that isrepparttar 101239 "education" stage. People want information aboutrepparttar 101240 product or service they are about to buy.

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