How important are back links?

Written by Jakob Jelling

By Jakob Jelling

When setting up your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google there are several factors you need to look at in order to obtain a high rank on their search engine. Of course your content and meta tags must be inline with positive density percentages and reciprocal links. Google then takes your website and performs a mathematic equation and places a numeric value on your website depending on one ofrepparttar most important features, reciprocal or back links.

A back link and reciprocal link are identical. They both sayrepparttar 127894 same thing torepparttar 127895 Google engine, that your site should be ranked higher inrepparttar 127896 order because other people find value in what your website has to offer, thus they provide a link to your site. In turn, you keep a closed loop by reciprocatingrepparttar 127897 favor torepparttar 127898 other website by extendingrepparttar 127899 same courtesy of a back link. Thus creating a solid network connection. Google likes to see interconnectivity and will reward your website well for planning it this way.

There are drawbacks torepparttar 127900 equation. As things change a website that you are affiliated with may

Google, Wherefore Art Thou Google? Sites Abandoned by Googlebot!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Google, Wherefore Art Thou Google? Sites Abandoned by Googlebot!

© August 30, 2004

As a search engine optimization specialist I often optimize existing web pages for small business clients, upload them torepparttar site and see pages re-indexed by Google within a week. This only happens with existing business sites that have been online for a few years. Google seems to be updating their index as often as every other week at this point and older established sites that are already indexed seem to be re- crawled on that twice a month schedule on a fairly routine basis.

Two clients that hired me for recent work saw their rankings shoot torepparttar 127893 top for a newly targeted search phrase in a weekend when I did optimization on a Thursday and they were ranked instantly by Saturday. Now keep in mind that this doesn't happen for everyone, only those that have been online for some period and already have significant content that simply needs tweaking and proper title and metatag information added. They usually have relatively good existing PageRank and do well for other RELEVANT search phrases already. I offer that warning only to avoid instilling false hopes in anyone hoping to achieverepparttar 127894 same instant ranking boost overnight.

Those clients that do succeed in this way are often thrilled withrepparttar 127895 results accomplished in such short order. I'd love to be able to offer that type of ranking boosts to everyone, but some are more equal than others when it comes to easy, inexpensive SEO tune-ups that rev up your rankings overnight. Your mileage may vary.


What is going on with newer sites that don't get crawled for months? I've got a client, a newer attorney directory that offers tons of great information inrepparttar 127896 form of articles on specific areas of law, links to incredibly valuable and relevant legal sites and over 600,000 attorneys listed by practice area and state. Yetrepparttar 127897 site has not been re-crawled by Google for over 3 months! Now this would not be such a big issue for many sites, but this site is relatively new and we've optimized allrepparttar 127898 titles, tags & page text, created a complete site map and placed links to all these resources onrepparttar 127899 front page.

I know thatrepparttar 127900 site is not being crawled because Google's cached copy ofrepparttar 127901 front page shows it before we didrepparttar 127902 work four months ago, withoutrepparttar 127903 new links and without title tags. We've submittedrepparttar 127904 site by hand, (manually) once a month for three months viarepparttar 127905 Google Add URL page. Whenrepparttar 127906 hand submission failed to get it re-indexed for four months, we submittedrepparttar 127907 sitemap page, which has not been crawled at all. Google shows only ONE page on this site, when in fact it has thousands of pages, a sitemap and dozens static pages!

Part ofrepparttar 127908 problem is that this site must be dynamic, since a database of over 632,000 attorneys must be accessed, retrieved and served for any of those law firms searched for to be returned torepparttar 127909 site visitor. Google warns owners of dynamic sites that Googlebot may not crawl dynamically generated pages with "?"" question marks inrepparttar 127910 URL. This is to avoid crashingrepparttar 127911 server with too many concurrent page requests from Google's spider.

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