How do you honor yourself each day?

Written by Judi Singleton

How do I honor myself each day. The first rule is if it does not honor you it does not honor anyone. We need to know ourselves to honor ourselves. To know oneself one has to spend some time with just you. Time to talk to yourself, listen to your own preferences, meditate, visualize. Following ones intuition isrepparttar next step and perhaps you will not always follow it at first. You might need to experiment with following your gut feeling. But after you do that for a while you will soon see which choices you are making out of fear and which choices are made in joy.

Now it is possible to make a decision as we are getting aquainted with ourselves that creates painful consquences but you cannot make a wrong decision as we learn from each decision that we make. Every decision creates Every decision that you make creates ramifications. You will either learn fromrepparttar 141669 painful ones or continue to experiencerepparttar 141670 same decision andrepparttar 141671 same pain until you seerepparttar 141672 connection betweenrepparttar 141673 decision you are making andrepparttar 141674 pain. That is howrepparttar 141675 Earth School works. The Universe does not judge your choices. It supports you in your spiritual growth and inrepparttar 141676 development of your responsibility as a creator.

Considerrepparttar 141677 following questionsrepparttar 141678 realm of honoring yourself:

10 Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Life

Written by Elisha Goldstein

10 Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Life

My life always appears to be so hectic. It's as if I purposely overload myself with more things than I could possibly ever accomplish. As I'm going to sleep I think about allrepparttar things I need to get done And when I'm awake duringrepparttar 141646 day I think about allrepparttar 141647 things that need to get done. Take a shower, make coffee, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, go to work, etc... It's almost as if atrepparttar 141648 end ofrepparttar 141649 day I can truly ask myself, "where didrepparttar 141650 day go?" Enough of these and I can ask myselfrepparttar 141651 same questions in weeks, months, or even years!

So when I feel like these questions are coming up, I do some brief exercises that help bring me torepparttar 141652 present moment and remind myself that I'm living.

1. For 5 minutes: Whatever you are doing, just do it slightly slower. At work we are all given tasks to do. One time per day, for 5 minutes do that task a little bit slower. Do not dorepparttar 141653 task in slow motion, or take breaks fromrepparttar 141654 task, simply do it a little bit slower.

2. Take 5 minutes at lunch to notice what you're eating. You can actually do this at an meal, or anytime you eat. You are going to notice what your food looks like, how it smells, feels, and tastes. As you pick up your food, noticerepparttar 141655 texture of it, is it bumpy, smooth, wet? Notice what you smell. As you take it in your mouth notice how it feels in your mouth, noticerepparttar 141656 tastes that are coming out of it, how your teeth break it down. As you swallow it, notice it going down your throat. Dorepparttar 141657 same withrepparttar 141658 drink.

3. Take 3 minutes to just sit and notice your breath. Sit in a place of your choice, could be behind your desk, or anywhere. Close your eyes. For 3 minutes simply pay attention to your breath. For these 3 minutes your breath gets your undivided attention. If you notice yourself thinking about something, evenrepparttar 141659 thought "why am I doing this stupid exercise", just notice that your're thinking that and then gently bring your attention back to your breath.

4. Washrepparttar 141660 Dishes. If you're not used to doing dishes, there will be many benefits to this one. As you begin to washrepparttar 141661 dishes, noticerepparttar 141662 texture ofrepparttar 141663 plate andrepparttar 141664 warmth ofrepparttar 141665 water on your hands. Inhale and notice if there is any scent. Listen to hearrepparttar 141666 rush ofrepparttar 141667 water or any other sounds that are happening around you. Not only will you be able to practice being inrepparttar 141668 moment, but many of your family and friends will be thrilled with you.

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