How do you Make Money With Google Adwords??

Written by Munya Chinongoza

Can you really make money with this?

Late 2003, I think wasrepparttar first time an ebook popped up that claimed that one could make money from Google Adwords.

The main method that was revealed involved combining Google Adwords andrepparttar 147932 Clickbank affiliate program, to make money, online, everyday almost on autopilot.

Please allow me to very quickly outline how you can make money onrepparttar 147933 internet, using this system.

Here are 2 things you need to get started...

1) You need a Google Adwords account.


2) You also have to sign up as a Clickbank affiliate


Ok, so how does it work?

Well, you simply go to and onrepparttar 147934 main page you click on "Promote Products" onrepparttar 147935 right. You will be taken torepparttar 147936 index page of all products being sold via clickbank. Each product is listed with a short description andrepparttar 147937 percentage you make as an affiliate.

Just selectrepparttar 147938 product you wish to promote, grab your affilate promotion URL, by clicking onrepparttar 147939 [earn 50%]. Your personal affiliate link will pop up, just copy and paste that, into a text editor like notepad.

The next thing I like to do is visitrepparttar 147940 main sales page ofrepparttar 147941 product I have selected, and select some benefits fromrepparttar 147942 sales copy, I can then use these to write my Google Adwords Ad.

Alright then, how do you write your Ad?

The general profitable Google Adwords format that has seemed to work for many is like this. Line one your heading ask a question, line two mention a feature ofrepparttar 147943 product or ebook, line 3 give a benefit, then line 4 your websites address goes there.

Google, Yahoo and Generated Web Pages

Written by je Dunn

Inrepparttar past 2 months I have had several sites get de-listed from Yahoo that relied pretty heavily on DG and TE.

My first reaction was to get every directory off all my other income producing sites. The problem was that those directories were responsible for much of my AdSense income.

Now Google and Yahoo did not de-list my other sites that contained generated directories. But why?

Now at this point I didn’t know if big “G” and big “Y” just didn’t find them yet, or ifrepparttar 147931 criteria for delisting of a site was based on an algorithm of relevancy to consumer value ofrepparttar 147932 generated pages, and not just becauserepparttar 147933 pages left a virtual footprint.

Sincerepparttar 147934 de-listing of my generated sites had already cost me between $60 and $100 per day in income, not to mentionrepparttar 147935 absolute frustration I felt with this whole Internet business thing, I decided to letrepparttar 147936 sites that were still listed and making money keeprepparttar 147937 generated directories and see what happened.

This way at lest I would know if all DG, TE, type pages are considered “Evil” byrepparttar 147938 search engine gods.

The conclusion to date: It appears that both Google and Yahoo will tolerate generated directory pages, as long asrepparttar 147939 generated pages are determined not to berepparttar 147940 sole purpose ofrepparttar 147941 site.

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