How do you Cope?

Written by David Wakerley

A few years ago, beforerepparttar bubble burst on internet stocks,repparttar 101840 chairman ofrepparttar 101841 Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan lost money on his personal investments because he `didn't understand this new economy'.

Question: Are you coping onrepparttar 101842 internet and with all its changes and challenges?

1. Balance isrepparttar 101843 key

If you findrepparttar 101844 internet stressful and feel like you are being left behind, make sure that you have a `slow-change' area of your life. Golf, a book, gardening are ways to stabilise your personal life which helps to integrate change without stress overload.

2. Think ofrepparttar 101845 Future

Set a goal in your head to where you want to be in five years. This can put everything in perspective as you see your online business over time growing and your knowledge expanding. Realize that God wants everything you put your hand to, to succeed. So walk on inrepparttar 101846 confidence that you can meet any challenge.

The Concept Of Life - By the Numbers

Written by David Stoddard

316 months ago, I was born into a world where life was carefree. Where people were just going torepparttar moon proving that:

* Everything is possible.

31 years ago, I was in first grade. Getting new pencils and notebooks and pencil holders and tiny sharpeners and those rubber erasers were just like Christmas. It certainly was true that:

* Little things makerepparttar 101839 difference.

26 years ago, I learned that school was not all that it has previously been cracked up to be. It was hard and boring and learning things I personally didn't care about. I learned that:

* You don't always know why things happen at that moment.

18 years ago, I graduated high school. It was a windy June evening when my days of childhood wrapped themselves up. That night, I was to be seen as an adult. Not long after that, I got my first ticket, credit card and was supposed to know what I was doing.

* Don't be in such a hurry to grow up.

17 years ago, I had my first part-time job working inrepparttar 101840 bowling alley. I only dropped in to bowl. Afterward, I asked if they were hiring. The owner said yes, I started 4 days later. You know:

* Sometimes, you just gotta ask.

15 years ago, I got my first real job working atrepparttar 101841 newspaper. It is something that I had become interested in during my senior year of high school, and I was good at it. I eventually left for something bigger and better. But no matter what job I've had, I always kept finding ways to make writing a key in it.

* Start with something you enjoy. Everything will be based around it.

14 years ago, I learned thatrepparttar 101842 newspaper business, really is a business. Our managing editor was laid off without notice inrepparttar 101843 first of several rounds of cutbacks

* Doing a great job just doesn't cut it any more.

10 years ago, I moved out on my own forrepparttar 101844 first time. Macaroni and cheese, along with bills to pay, writing to do, Nintendo to play. I felt alive and life was dear, but I moved back home,repparttar 101845 very next year.

* Life looks a lot easier than it is.

9 years ago, my father passed away. It was a shockrepparttar 101846 way it happened. No signs, no symptoms, no warning. He made friends, made people feel comfortable, made them feel important, and made them laugh. I can't tell a joke forrepparttar 101847 life of me. And even if I could, I couldn't tell many of them here.

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