How disabled users access the Internet

Written by Trenton Moss

In 1995 a new era of accessibility for disabled people began. The Disability Discrimination Act was passed, stating that:

“It is unlawful for a service provider to discriminate against a disabled person by refusing to provide any service which it provides to members ofrepparttar public.”

A website is regarded as a service andrepparttar 118736 RNIB (Royal National Institute forrepparttar 118737 Blind) and DRC (Disability Rights Commission) have been quick to apply pressure on to organisations to push this law into practice. Indeed,repparttar 118738 DRC will be publishing a report on its formal investigation into 1000 websites sometime during 2004 (

So, how do disabled people accessrepparttar 118739 Internet? There are a number of different ways depending on their particular disability:

Blind users Internet users who have no sight at all utilize a screen reader, which readsrepparttar 118740 content ofrepparttar 118741 web page, or ratherrepparttar 118742 HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code ofrepparttar 118743 page, back to them. These machines sift throughrepparttar 118744 HTML code andrepparttar 118745 technology deciphers what needs to be read aloud and what should be ignored. IBM’s screen reader can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial at Once you have downloaded it, go to your website, turn your monitor off, and try to navigate your website.

Partial/poor sight To take full advantage ofrepparttar 118746 Internet, users with partial or poor sight need to be able to enlargerepparttar 118747 text on web pages. To verify that your website allows them to achieve this on Internet Explorer, go to View > Font size > Largest. If your site is accessible to this group of users thenrepparttar 118748 size ofrepparttar 118749 text throughoutrepparttar 118750 page will increase. Users with poor vision can also use a screen magnifier. You can download a free screen magnifier at and see for yourself.

The Two Best-Kept Secrets Of The Internet

Written by Michael Cheney, ©

It's a difficult creating a website that brings you business. It's full-time job where things seem easy at first but as soon as you start to explorerepparttar possibilities and appreciaterepparttar 118735 complexity ofrepparttar 118736 task at hand it can soon start taking up ever increasing amounts of your time. There is a plethora of people out there offering you conflicting advice and it's often difficult to know what to focus on.

This article cuts through all that and reveals to yourepparttar 118737 two most important things you need to know about creating a website that brings more profit to your business..

Secret Number 1 - Information

Yes - that's all it is - information. Just think about this for a minute - what isrepparttar 118738 sole reason anyone surfing any website anywhere acrossrepparttar 118739 world is looking for? Every single one of them is looking for just one thing - information. The information might takerepparttar 118740 form of text, an image, a sound file or whatever but atrepparttar 118741 end ofrepparttar 118742 day it is information. This isrepparttar 118743 first biggest and best-kept secret of success onrepparttar 118744 internet and now you know it!

What do you mean 'So what?'. The sole purpose of your website is to provide its visitors with information - think about thisrepparttar 118745 next time some combat-trousered graphic designer tells you a big Flash graphic would be a good thing to have instead of a homepage.. People are looking for information - don't put anything inrepparttar 118746 way of them getting this. Make surerepparttar 118747 information you have on your site is easy to find, worthwhile reading and ideally easy for your visitors to disseminate onto their friends and colleagues.

Information is also essential if you are going to gain any influence withrepparttar 118748 search engines. They might only be computer programs but those search engine critters can be quite clever at discerning a website that contains nothing of any use and one that has useful information relevant to its target audience. Lots and lots of high quality relevant content on your website will do more for your website's overall success than a fancy graphic or rotating picture of your head onrepparttar 118749 homepage.

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