How and Where to Advertise Your Small Business Online

Written by Jim Daniels

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to marketing. I let my free ebooks, articles and newsletter do most of my marketing work.

But I also realize that in order to succeed in business, you must spend SOME money advertising. And I've been relearning this lesson recently.

Today I'd like to share with you some of my own recent results, so you'll know exactly how and where you should get started advertising online.

For starters, keep your wallet securely in your pocket. There are three things you must do BEFORE spending ad bucks online. And here they are...

1. Get a handle on how well your site does its selling.

Figuring out how good a job your site does selling is simple. Just look at your stats and do a little math. You are after just one number... how much a website visitor is worth to you. Or more simply, how much you should PAY for a visitor.

To figure this out you need to first find out how many visitors it takes you to get a sale. If you get 1000 visitors a week and 10 sales in that same week, then your visitor to sales ratio is 100-1. If you average 20 sales from those 1000 visitors, you are closing one sale for every 50 visitors. Once you know your own number, you will be able to determine approximately how much a visitor is worth to you. You simply take it one step further...

Let's say you close 1 sale in every 50 visitors and your average sale is $50. Simple math tells you that you could pay up to a dollar per visitor and break even. So a good goal would be to pay LESS THAN a buck per visitor. Any ad buy that averages out to less than a dollar per visitor should be profitable, providedrepparttar traffic is targeted. If you aim to spend fifty cents per visitor you can double your investment every time you advertise.

Of course there are lots of variables. Things like opt-in email members you may receive from an ad buy andrepparttar 101185 repeat visitors that your list generates. But you getrepparttar 101186 idea. Until you knowrepparttar 101187 above numbers for your site, you cannot spend money wisely on advertising.

Once you have a handle on how much a visitor is worth to you,repparttar 101188 next step you must take before your first ad buy is...

2. Set up your email address capture strategy.

If your site is closing one sale for every 50 visitors, you may be satisfied. But if you are not offering a way forrepparttar 101189 other 49 visitors to "stay inrepparttar 101190 loop" you are making a huge mistake.

And it is simple to keep them from getting away. Just offer them something of value in exchange for their contact information. An example of one way to do this is offering a free gift at your site and getting their name and email address when they request it. Your gift can be a free ebook, an email course or anything else your visitors would want.

You can get as many as 20% of your visitors to leave their contact info if you do it right. That's a lot of email addresses when you start advertising and getting lots of traffic.

But what do you do withrepparttar 101191 addresses?

You treat them like gold.

Regularly publish an email newsletter to your growing list of addresses. Contact them and offer your expertise. Give them more free, valuable information related to what they requested originally. Make them feel special and grow a community. This is how long-term profits are made online.

Once you have tackledrepparttar 101192 two items above, there is one last step before you actually spend money on advertising...

3. Make sure you have a way to measure your results once your advertising starts.

I do this simply by copying my main entry page and usingrepparttar 101193 new URL inrepparttar 101194 ad. When I checkrepparttar 101195 stats my web host emails me I can easily see how many visitors came through that URL. This is just ONE way to track traffic. There are TONS more. But you getrepparttar 101196 idea. You need some way to measurerepparttar 101197 results of your advertising or you are wasting your money.

OK, once you have tackledrepparttar 101198 three items above, you're all set up to do some ad buys.

I have tried many strategies online and here'srepparttar 101199 straight scoop on what works and what doesn't. I've ranked nine online advertising strategies as follows...

Poor: Don't waste your time. Fair: Worth a try at least once or twice. Good: A solid way to spend ad dollars. Excellent: Should be a regular staple in any online marketing budget.

OK, here they are...

1. FFA submissions (Free for all links pages)

You know, those interfaces that say "submit to 50,000 websites for a few bucks. Well, save your few bucks. FFA's had their time inrepparttar 101200 sun. They worked great when they were first introduced. Now they are not worth a dime. Heck, even if you can do a free submission it's probably not worth your time. The last three tests I ran submitted my URL to nearly a half a million sites. I got four visitors. 'Nuf said.

Rating: Poor

2. Bulk email

Sure, you CAN get website traffic using bulk email. You can do it yourself or hire a company to hide behind. Butrepparttar 101201 fact is, you risk your business reputation and you'll anger a ton of folks. Your domain will end up blocked by many ISPs and could even get sued. Unsolicited bulk email is not worthrepparttar 101202 trouble.

Rating: Poor

3. Safe lists

This is a twist on opt-in email marketing where you pay forrepparttar 101203 privilege of being able to send email to a list of other marketers who have donerepparttar 101204 same. While I have not tried this personally I can comment on it simply because lots of my subscribers have tried it. And I have not heard one good thing about it other than from people reselling it. The folks that have used it have found that while safe list "members" have agreed to be onrepparttar 101205 safe lists, most never actually read messages or buy anything.

The Hypnotic Power of Repetition

Written by Joe Vitale

Inrepparttar movie, "Good Will Hunting,"repparttar 101184 counselor, played by Robin Williams, lovingly confrontsrepparttar 101185 disturbed young man in his office withrepparttar 101186 phrase, "It's not your fault."

After a pause, Williams again says, "It's not your fault."

After yet another pause, he again says, "It's not your fault."

Byrepparttar 101187 timerepparttar 101188 scene is done,repparttar 101189 young man breaks down and cries. The counselor and patient hug. A transformation has occurred. It's a powerful moment inrepparttar 101190 film. It's unforgettable.

And it's hypnotic.


Scene Two:

My girlfriend and I are having dinner. We had gone out to see a movie. Afterwards we drove throughrepparttar 101191 city night,repparttar 101192 top down on my new BMW Z3, as we held hands and breathedrepparttar 101193 fresh, cool air. Now, at dinner, we are feeling deeply close.

At that moment by girlfriend leans over to me, looks me right inrepparttar 101194 eye, and asks, "Do you know I love you?"

I quickly nod and smile. Yes, of course, I know she loves me.

She doesn't blink an eye. She again looks at me and says, "Do you know I love you?"

I laugh a little nervously. Yes, I know it, I reply.

She doesn't stop. She again says, "Do you know I love you?"

I'm silent this time. Now I'm *really* hearing her.

Suddenly my heart wells up with emotion. I feel an overwhelming amount of love in my chest. I look at my girlfriend and realize---truly GET---that she loves me. It's a moment I'll never forget.

It, too, was hypnotic.


I've discovered that one ofrepparttar 101195 most powerful tools of persuasion any hypnotic writer can have is simply this: Repetition.

Don't dismiss this concept. It helped Robin Williams heal a troubled youth. It helped my girlfriend get into my heart. And it can help you influence your readers to do what you want.

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