How and When to Plant Roses

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

When spring comes andrepparttar ground is thawed, it is time to start planting your rose garden. Roses have been a cherished aphrodisiac since biblical times. They have been around for over 3000 years, yet they still hold a particular mystery and fascination, not to mentionrepparttar 141183 fact that they just look and smell good!

One ofrepparttar 141184 most important rules of growing roses is to plantrepparttar 141185 rose bush in an area that receives around 4 to 6 hours of sunlight every day.

It is preferable not to plant too many trees or other plants aroundrepparttar 141186 rose bush because most of these are likely to either mix withrepparttar 141187 rose or stifle it's growth. If you are replacing an old rose bush, approximately 1 1/2 cubic feet of old soil should be removed, and fresh soil added to replace it. When positioning your rose inrepparttar 141188 garden or landscape, considerrepparttar 141189 growth habit ofrepparttar 141190 rose.

For example, place climbers and ramblers along fences, trellises, or next to arches or pergolas. This location offers them free range of growth, and optimal potential forrepparttar 141191 showiest blooms.

Roses also look beautiful in island garden beds interplanted with perennials. Miniature roses make great edging plants in front of their taller cousins. Planted singly, shrub roses make excellent specimen plants or they can be clustered to make a flowering hedge. You can also use them to camouflage unsightly garden objects.

Dig a hole large enough forrepparttar 141192 root mass and loosenrepparttar 141193 bottom ofrepparttar 141194 hole. You should add bone meal, which is a slow acting source of phosphorus that leads to healthy root growth inrepparttar 141195 rose plant.

Thenrepparttar 141196 plant should be placed inrepparttar 141197 hole carefully andrepparttar 141198 hole refilled with soil, coveringrepparttar 141199 roots properly. Before makingrepparttar 141200 final covering, waterrepparttar 141201 rose plant and let it absorbrepparttar 141202 water. After this, waterrepparttar 141203 plant more and moundrepparttar 141204 soil about 6 inches high. The dome will keeprepparttar 141205 stems from drying out untilrepparttar 141206 plant is rooted. Gradually removerepparttar 141207 excess soil asrepparttar 141208 leaves open.

Arbor Swings - Which arbor is right for you?

Written by Nicole Martins

Arbor swings - Taking up anywhere from 20 to 30 square feet when assembled, an arbor swing provides a handsome focal point and a way to enjoyrepparttar idle moments ofrepparttar 141059 seasons, swinging outdoors. Arbors with swing parts are generally sold in pieces or panels that require simple assembly. When you shop online, take a look atrepparttar 141060 various materials available. You will find when comparing different swinging options that materials, size and craftsmanship play a factor in price.

Deciding which arbor to buy

A backyard arbor is one thing, and a garden arbor with a swing is another. A scouring ofrepparttar 141061 internet for swing arbors will lead to specialty merchants selling outdoor wood furnishings and accessories, and, in many cases handcraftingrepparttar 141062 arbors and swings themselves. This of course, can benefitrepparttar 141063 consumer by selling perhaps, higher quality arbors swings (though not necessarily so) made from top ofrepparttar 141064 line weather resistant and fungal resistant woods such as western red cedar and teak.

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