How a digital camera works

Written by Jakob Jelling

By Jakob Jelling

The digital camera is not something of a magic box that came out ofrepparttar blue and made wonders! The digital camera is very much likerepparttar 116158 conventional analog camera, butrepparttar 116159 technology has been altered. It also contains most ofrepparttar 116160 associated components thatrepparttar 116161 conventional camera contains, like lens and a shutter for letting in light, however instead of reaching a photosensitive film,repparttar 116162 light is made to fall upon array of image sensors or photosensitive cells. Much ofrepparttar 116163 differences are like this, yet most of it still remains in oblivion forrepparttar 116164 ordinary people. And it order thatrepparttar 116165 digital camera gets its true respect, it is necessary to explore these areas of truth and reveal them in light.

Looking a bit more in details aboutrepparttar 116166 working ofrepparttar 116167 fantastic device,repparttar 116168 digital camera. As a continuation ofrepparttar 116169 above lines, it can be further investigated thatrepparttar 116170 sensor array is basically a microchip about 10 mm across. Every image sensor is a charged-couple device (CCD) converting light into electric charges, and is essentially a silicon chip used to measure light. These charges are stored as analog data that are then converted to digital via a device called an analog to digital converter (ADC). Overrepparttar 116171 chip are present a collection of very small light-sensitive diodes, named photosites, or pixels that convert light (or more scientifically, photons) into electrical charges called electrons. The pixels are very much light sensitive, therefore with brighter light striking them, produces greater build up of electrical charges. Each 1000 array receptor creates 1 pixel, and every pixel corresponds to some information stored. The light entersrepparttar 116172 digital camera viarepparttar 116173 lens, which isrepparttar 116174 same mechanism asrepparttar 116175 conventional analog camera. And this light hitsrepparttar 116176 CCD whenrepparttar 116177 photographer pressesrepparttar 116178 shutter button. The shutter opens and thereby illuminates every pixel, however with various intensities.

Entangled in the World Wide Web

Written by Thomas Yoon

I am just a learner who likes to delve in websites as a hobby. Hobbies are what make life so enjoyable for me. I have tried many other things - watercolor and pastel painting, organic gardening, kayak making, dinghy sailing, kite making, origami, stock photography, cartooning, carpentry, rock collecting, snake rearing and many other unusual pursuits. Somehow, as time goes on, and for some particular reason, they gradually become just bits of historical and passing interests for me. Amidst these passing interests,repparttar Internet comes along.

Fromrepparttar 116157 first day I learned to surfrepparttar 116158 Internet, I became impressed by it. I could not recall whether it wasrepparttar 116159 incredible amount of knowledge that can be found there, or was itrepparttar 116160 quality ofrepparttar 116161 reading medium that struck me. But it did.

I was hooked. At that time, I was gathering information on how to make a kayak. Well, not allrepparttar 116162 information was exactlyrepparttar 116163 way I had wanted it, but by carefully piecing allrepparttar 116164 bits and pieces of information together, I managed to use them to make a fully functional kayak, custom made to suit me.

Deep down inside me, I was so excited by this technology, that I wanted so much to get involved too.

Then a MLM company that calls themselves SkyX (Not their real name) came torepparttar 116165 scene. They were supposedly going to revolutionizerepparttar 116166 world of online business in Malaysia. They were an American company that operated their business very much like a pyramid scheme, with their main products being a web design software, some learning tool and web hosting for one year that teaches one how to make websites. To me at that time, it wasrepparttar 116167 product I was looking for. Being so very new torepparttar 116168 Internet, I did not try to look at other options.

That's whatrepparttar 116169 company wanted! The trap has been sprung. Sweet talking me with their attractive carrot bait,repparttar 116170 members made me lose my grip on myself and I succumbed to their enticements. Although I was aware that people have been conned into pyramid schemes before, I was somehow swayed by their explanations about multi-level marketing concepts and how their business structure was a bit different from pyramid schemes. They really knew how to play on my emotions and weakness to their advantage.

They had allrepparttar 116171 workings of a well-established network that gives support to allrepparttar 116172 members, organizing presentations and holding functions. What did I do then? Since I was already part ofrepparttar 116173 network, I had to do my part in getting more members. If not, I won't recover my money. So for a very short while I did just that.

Eventually, this American Company was sued and it went bankrupt. That wasrepparttar 116174 end ofrepparttar 116175 chapter. My money just went downrepparttar 116176 drain! It was a bitter and expensive lesson to learn. Butrepparttar 116177 lesson was well learned. I bitrepparttar 116178 bullet, picked uprepparttar 116179 pieces, and behaved as if nothing had happened. I was determined to make full use of what I had purchased. Looking back atrepparttar 116180 situation, I recalled that taking part in MLM activities was never on my agenda inrepparttar 116181 first place. Learning how to make websites was.

And so from that clumsy beginning, making use ofrepparttar 116182 product, and working on it when I hadrepparttar 116183 time, and completely at my own pace, I managed to learnrepparttar 116184 rudiments of web designing. I borrowed books fromrepparttar 116185 library to supplement my knowledge. I learned basic html language, color notations, picture editing and other simple steps. The websites that I created were so very crude.

But it was fun and exciting for me. It's a new toy. And it's magical.

After surfing for some time onrepparttar 116186 Internet,repparttar 116187 knowledge in me gradually grew. I picked up bits and pieces everywhere. Byrepparttar 116188 time,repparttar 116189 MLM collapsed, I was already well versed in html language and I was no longer that fresh. I had also acquiredrepparttar 116190 necessary photo editing skills to make presentable websites.

I bought a scanner and started to generate images for my websites. Unfortunately, most of my photographs were transparencies. So I had to copy and develop them into photo prints before I could scan them.

I searched around for a few web-hosting companies that offer free hosting and decided to try out my new skills on them. It took me some time but I got around getting used to their routines eventually. My first efforts on these free hosting companies were nothing to boast about. (Although I did get feedback from people who said that they were good. Surprise, surprise!)

I also learned to userepparttar 116191 search engines, and I found them very useful. They opened up a whole new way of finding information for me. Almost any subject could be found with just a click fromrepparttar 116192 mouse.

As I dug up more information both fromrepparttar 116193 Internet and also from library books on designing, and handling images, I became more and more proficient. I learned how to use ftp to upload my files torepparttar 116194 host server. This saved me a lot of time. Most important of all, I saved on Internet call charges on my telephone bill.

Reading through whatrepparttar 116195 experts say, I came torepparttar 116196 conclusion that one ofrepparttar 116197 most important characteristics of a good website isrepparttar 116198 content and its loading speed. I have observed some sites that give very flashy and impressive animations, but unfortunately, were rather slow loading. I decided in favor of functionality.

My websites must be fast loading and full of content. I also found out that to makerepparttar 116199 page load fast,repparttar 116200 file size ofrepparttar 116201 images should be small. So I optimized all my web photographs accordingly to jpeg and gif format to make their file sizes small.

Then I looked at other things like making my websites crawler friendly. (The spider atrepparttar 116202 search engines will crawl insiderepparttar 116203 Internet to find your site. This spider is notrepparttar 116204 creepy crawly type that will give yourepparttar 116205 goose bumps, but they work onrepparttar 116206 web just like a real spider)

Although I am aware thatrepparttar 116207 html software editor that I use is not so efficient in generating clean html, and that it adds a lot of extra html tags that are redundant, thus makingrepparttar 116208 files bigger than required, I will leave it as it is forrepparttar 116209 time being. There are still many other things that I still want to explore and develop.

One of them is e-book creation. E-books are one ofrepparttar 116210 most efficient ways to present information to people. They can be published completely with text, images, color, hyperlinks, animation, and sounds on CD's and diskettes. They can also be downloaded throughrepparttar 116211 Internet, or sent through emails. (But first make sure thatrepparttar 116212 email server can handlerepparttar 116213 file size)

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