How Your Network Affects Your PR Ratings...

Written by Martin Lemieux

How Your Network Affects Your PR Ratings... By: Martin Lemieux

It's been long overdue that I've been wanting to talk about how owning a network of web sites, drastically affects your page ranking within Google.

For some of you, you may closely watch what goes on with Page Ranking Within Google with your trusty toolbar, and some of you may not have a clue nor care enough to watch your web site popularity and stay glued to you se ranking like a hawk.

If you've ever considered owning a successful network of web sites, you'll want to start paying close attention as to how your network affects your search positions.

Page Ranking is like an ocean "tide", it comes and goes and then comes back again, feeding a never ending sea of web site owners and keeping them onrepparttar shore to watch. What you want to notice is how owning a few "title waves" coming in, will drastically kill your page ranking but increase your search engine saturation.

If you haven't heardrepparttar 128123 term saturation before, it's merely referred to asrepparttar 128124 amount of links within your site that gets listed by search engines. So if you have 20 pages within your web site, you should have 20 pages listed in search engines.

If you don't have 20 pages listed, your search engine saturation is lower than it should be and you should concentrate on promoting ALL your pages, not justrepparttar 128125 main page of your site.

Personally owning a network of sites, and having worked on a network of 180 sites for one client, I've come torepparttar 128126 conclusion that if you want to reach a 6/10 Google ranking, don't merely rely on your network to get success. Like I mention in all my articles, search engines are getting smarter and can detect and sniff out a network of web sites created to help one thing, profit.

A Network Of Web Sites Is Not Enough!

Written by Martin Lemieux

A Network Of Web Sites Is Not Enough! By Martin Lemieux

The big thing these days is your ability to capturerepparttar market. So how do you do that?

Do you...

1) Use spam tactics? 2) Have a massive banner campaign? 3) Spends lots of money of PPC Advertising? 4) Build a huge web site? 5) Link to everyone inrepparttar 128122 world?

or do you...

6) Own a network of more than one web site? - Thinking that your network will help your search engine rankings since you can control your own link popularity!

#6 is starting to berepparttar 128123 norm out there. Companies are just consuming a mass amount of domain names in order to increase their chances of being found online.

But does it really increase their chances? Let's see...

Since recently, Google has been crawling through "DNS"information in order to sniff out who owns what. So for instance, if you own 20 web sites, google will find that out byrepparttar 128124 information you have on allrepparttar 128125 registered domains.

Given that you own these 20 web sites, doesn't that give yourepparttar 128126 ability to create your own high page ranking, link popularity building campaign? Answer is yes, so what happens from that? Absolutely nothing. Nothing happens to increase your rankings I mean.

For instance, let's say you are trying to build everything off of one mainly large web site of yours. Let's also say that you intend to link to site #2 for this key phrase "Boosting Rankings". You've done a lot of work to add that title and link pointing to site #2 on all of your pages within your one, main, larger site. Here's what happens to your rankings for both of them.

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