"How Your Customers Find You!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

The movie, "Field of Dreams", starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, made this line famous: "If you build it, they will come."

That idea worked great inrepparttar movies but it is a whole different ballpark when it comes to a web site or an email campaign onrepparttar 133613 Internet.

The only way to attract traffic onrepparttar 133614 Internet is to PROMOTE. Andrepparttar 133615 key to successful online promotion is to know HOW your traffic found you.


Because when you know HOW your traffic found you then you will know what is working for you so that you can not only maintain it, but also increase it.

And, you will also know what is not working for you.

Be it an email campaign or a web site, it is absolutely essential to code your promotions in order to discover which ones are bringing you successful results.

With email,repparttar 133616 easiest way to do that is byrepparttar 133617 use of Auto-Responders.

There are a host of FREE Auto-Responder services that will allow you to acquire as many FREE responders as you need.

For a "List of FREE Auto-Responder Services", send a blank email to our Auto-Responder at: mailto:freeautoresp@emailexchange.org

Suppose you are promoting an affiliate service that pays you 50% commission. You run one ad in a newsletter, another is done via your signature in posting to a business list and still another ad is exposed via FFA Link submissions.

You can code your ads simply by namingrepparttar 133618 auto-responders different names. For example, you can use adNo1, adNo2, adNo3.

When you receive a reply to adNo1, you will know it came fromrepparttar 133619 newsletter. A reply to adNo2 will be a response to your signature. And, adNo3 will be a reply from your FFA Link posting.

Your Web Traffic and Your Bottom Line

Written by Scott Buresh

Most companies that have websites have access to traffic statistics, usually provided by their web host. Those that don't look at these files (or use a bargain basement web hosting company that doesn't provide them) don't know what they are missing- there is a wealth of information to be found, and reacting to this information can have a positive impact on a company's bottom line. What follows are some ofrepparttar most basic stats that are typically available, followed by brief suggestions on how to userepparttar 133612 information.

The Myth of "Hits" Most web surfers have come across sites that boast about "20,000 hits per day" or something similar. But what does this mean? To an internet marketer, unfortunately, not much. "Hits" actually refers torepparttar 133613 number of requests for informationrepparttar 133614 web server receives. To use an oversimplified example, if your company homepage has 20 separate graphics on it, each visitor to that page will account for 20 hits. If you were boasting of 20,000 hits per day, you would really only be talking about 1000 visitors. Obviously, this statistic is not a fair indication of actual site visitors, and shouldn't be figured into your traffic analysis.

Average Visitors (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) This isrepparttar 133615 true measure of website activity. Of course, more traffic is desirable in most circumstances (provided it is at least somewhat targeted). Without access to this data andrepparttar 133616 ability to look at visitor history, it is impossible to tell if your traffic building initiatives, whether online or offline, are working. It should be noted that repparttar 133617 more your traffic increases,repparttar 133618 more accuraterepparttar 133619 rest of your data becomes. This is simply because trends in a larger sample are more telling than trends in a smaller sample where a small number of atypical users can skewrepparttar 133620 results.

Average Time Spent On Site and Average Page Views Per Visitor This data can be very useful in determining how your site is connecting with visitors. Ifrepparttar 133621 average time that people spend onrepparttar 133622 site is small (for example less than a minute), orrepparttar 133623 average visitor only visits one or two pages, it may indicate some sort of problem. Perhaps your site is attractingrepparttar 133624 wrong traffic, with visitors abandoningrepparttar 133625 site quickly when they realize it isn't what they were seeking. Perhaps visitors are confused byrepparttar 133626 navigation and decide to look elsewhere. Maybe your site, even though you love it, gives off an inexplicable bad vibe. Whateverrepparttar 133627 case, an awareness ofrepparttar 133628 time people spend on your site and repparttar 133629 number of pages they view can bring a potential problem to your attention, and help you gauge how effective your solution is.

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