How You Can Use Film/Television To Unleash The Courage Within

Written by Gabriel Daniels

Have you noticed that when you watch a courageous or heroic character on film or television, you tend to put yourself in his/her shoes?

Of course you have. (I’m assuming that very few people, if any, put themselves inrepparttar villain’s or bad guy’s shoes.)

In fact, after watching a show with characters that exemplify courage, you most likely feel renewed strength. You feel more nothing can get in your you could conquer any mountain that gets in your path.

You probably even catch yourself sometimes moving (and thinking)repparttar 138752 wayrepparttar 138753 courageous character does. For example, after watching a movie like Gladiator, you would walk out ofrepparttar 138754 movie theatre with a feeling of intense courage you did not feel when you first walked in (assuming, of course, that you didn't watch it at home). You feel like you’ve somehow merged withrepparttar 138755 heroic character—as if his courageous spirit was transferred to you.

Why do you suppose this is?

I would say, it’s because we can somehow relate torepparttar 138756 courageous character. Deep down inside us, we know we also have that kind of courage...and that we’ve felt that kind of courage many times in our lives (as children, most especially—and as adults, for some of us)—and in different situations (of course, not necessarily inrepparttar 138757 battlefield).

At a subconscious level, we know we already possess absolute courage (due torepparttar 138758 fact that “we are spirits living inside physical bodies”—something I briefly wrote about in my article, 12 Ways To Unleash The Courage Within), yet sometimes, we feel that we haven’t quite unleashed it (at least, not consistently) torepparttar 138759 degree that we see in others. And that’s mainlyrepparttar 138760 reason why we look up to these heroes, courageous characters, or role models of courage. (Would you agree thatrepparttar 138761 trait you usually admire in others isrepparttar 138762 trait you want to see/have more in yourself? I’m sure you would.)

(This is most likelyrepparttar 138763 reason why more and more film producers are coming out with movies such as Gladiator, Troy, The Last Samurai, Braveheart, andrepparttar 138764 like. They know that people become more in touch withrepparttar 138765 courageous part of themselves—thus are moved deeply—when they watch these types of movies.)

Onrepparttar 138766 other hand, have you also noticed that it usually makes you somewhat annoyed, or even angry, when you watch a cowardly character who does not take a stand for what he/she believes is right? (Or someone who abandons his/her post atrepparttar 138767 first sign of danger? Or whenrepparttar 138768 going gets tough?) The truth is, we don’t like to see that quality in others because that isrepparttar 138769 very quality we don’t want to see (or have) in ourselves.

Simply put, cowardice is not an admirable trait. It never has been, and it never will be.

One thing, though...let us not confuse feeling afraid/fear with cowardice...for a person can be afraid and still musterrepparttar 138770 courage to take action on what he/she thinks is right.

Here are some good quotes regarding cowardice:

Fear has its use but cowardice has none

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

To know what is right and not to do it isrepparttar 138771 worst cowardice.

~ Confucius ~

When his duty is to face danger and he flees, it is cowardice.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

It is any day better to stand erect with a broken and bandaged head then to crawl on one's belly, in order to be able to save one's head.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

10 Steps to New Life

Written by Judith Pennington

10 Steps to New Life

Have you ever felt anger or a sense of loss for having spent years taking care of others instead of honoring your core self–your true essence–by becoming all that you can be? Do you regret spending money unwisely inrepparttar past? Feel sad about relationships that heldrepparttar 138726 promise of gold but never panned out?

Everyone has unfinished business, and we know from mind-body studies and quantum physics that old anger, grief, resentment and fear that is energetically entangled inrepparttar 138727 body-mind projects into our lives and defines our present and future.

The good news is that each of us will have many opportunities to repairrepparttar 138728 past, since errors in judgment or deed must be resolved or repeated untilrepparttar 138729 song is well sung,repparttar 138730 job correctly done.

It’s easy to resolve known patterns. If you feel robbed of time in days gone by, for example, you can give yourselfrepparttar 138731 gift of time now. A few hours a week spent doing what makes you happy will improverepparttar 138732 quality of your life and put an end to stressful inner complaints like, "There’s never enough time for me to do what I want to do!"

Inner messages are a cry for attention, so once you’ve heardrepparttar 138733 message it will stop and so willrepparttar 138734 stress produced by it. The Mad Hatter in you (from Alice in Wonderland), who always says, "I can’t stop. I don’t have time. I’m in a hurry" will sit down, relax and make friends withrepparttar 138735 grinning Cheshire cat.

The words "I can’t" will drop out of your vocabulary and you will accomplish whatever you yearn to do. Go ahead: walk your yellow brick road to happiness! (That’s another story.)

If you feel guilt or shame over unwisely spent money or resources, just watchrepparttar 138736 flow of energy through your life, use it wisely and consciously change your attitude about yourself.

The same goes for relationships: cherishrepparttar 138737 people you love, be kind and know that you are now doing–and have always done–the best that you can. The idea is to listen torepparttar 138738 repetitive thoughts flowing through your mind and address each discordant message or feeling with antidotal actions. This mindfulness will transform destructive thought patterns into positive appreciation of yourself and your life.

Healing with light and sound

If you are experiencing grief or sorrow and know its source, you can releaserepparttar 138739 past by doing one or more ofrepparttar 138740 following:

1) Allow love to resolverepparttar 138741 pain. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and bringrepparttar 138742 memory to mind. Breathe in and circulate love and light through your heart, mind, body and soul. See and feel this love and light, allowing it to cleanse and releaserepparttar 138743 pain and its entrenchment. Take your time. Breathe light until you feel a sense of completion.

2) At any time of night or day, whether at work or in meditation, simply ask inrepparttar 138744 depths of your being for healing, state what wants to be healed, and trust that it will be done.

3) In some quiet situation, staying aware that this is a sacred act, envision your soul taking your heart in hand and saying to it: "I relieve and release your hurt, that you may be set free."

In these ceremonies we askrepparttar 138745 soul-self to applyrepparttar 138746 energies of love torepparttar 138747 wound and return it to its rightful place as part ofrepparttar 138748 harmonic whole. If there is no inner resistance to healing, your pain and its pattern will resolve.

Break on through torepparttar 138749 other side

If you feel resistance and sense thatrepparttar 138750 problem is not healed, then you might want to conduct an inner dialogue. Just pick up pen and paper, retire to a quiet space and ask yourself, "What within me needs healing?" Wait patiently for your heart, mind or soul to speak to you in words, a symbolic image, a feeling or a sense of knowing.

If you get no answer or one that is not immediately helpful, ask your ego if it is resisting this process. If so, it will explain why. Ask what isrepparttar 138751 positive purpose of its resistance, and if it evadesrepparttar 138752 question or gives you an answer that is not a positive purpose (like "Because I don’t think you know what you’re doing"), explain that you are asking for its cooperation right now. You want to know why it is blocking you, when you want to help all parts of your self work together for your highest good.

Eventually, when your ego seesrepparttar 138753 sense in this, it will release its resistance and tell you why it is holding on to old thought patterns and/or negative feelings. You can simply assure it that this protection is no longer needed, now that you understand its positive purpose, and you can put in place a new behavior pattern so that your ego can let down its guard.

The ego really does have a positive purpose, and that is to defend and protect you. It’s perfectly happy to take a vacation if some other part doesrepparttar 138754 job while it’s away and it is especially deferential torepparttar 138755 heart. If your heart has something to say in this process, listen respectfully and address whatever concerns come up. The lower heart works with your mind, andrepparttar 138756 higher heart works with your soul.

Manifestingrepparttar 138757 life you want

Once you have healed and/or transformed an old pattern, it’s time to replace it with new thinking and behaviors. Decide what these will be before usingrepparttar 138758 seven manifestation principles below.

If you considered yourself a poor financier, you could use these seven principles to further heal that self-concept by manifesting money. If you have used light to heal anger or grief over a past relationship, you can use these principles to attractrepparttar 138759 partner you want. But first, do some inner work to decide whether you are ready for a partner or friend. Then define exactly what you want so that you attract your dream and not your worst nightmare. Be careful, because this works!

Userepparttar 138760 same techniques of self-inquiry to determine your needs and desires. Simply pick up pen and paper, and ask your inner teacher, your soul-self, to give you insight into what is good and right for you. This way you will start out onrepparttar 138761 right track and geometrically multiply your chances of getting what you ask for.

By using this "soul-searching" technique, you will be doing exactly what you've come here to do: know yourself as soul so that your soul can guide you into all that you can be.

With these seven principles of manifestation you are wielding your power of intention to bring a higher, more positive frequency of vibration into your being. You will animate more than self-healing, prosperity and your psychic gifts by tapping intorepparttar 138762 infinitely powerful light of Love. In surrender torepparttar 138763 Light, you will becomerepparttar 138764 captain of your ship,repparttar 138765 master of your soul.

Once you have healed what you’re aware of (steps 1-3) and you and your soul define your next best steps, it’s time to walk inrepparttar 138766 Light of your new life.

4) OPEN AND SURRENDER. Inrepparttar 138767 depths of your being, declare that you are open and receptive to all good that comes your way, which statement clears a path to "this or something better." If you are going to ask for a terrific job, you might not get promoted at your present work; instead, you might lose that job and get one that better suits your abilities and destiny. So it’s important not to focus on a prescriptive outcome, but to open all doors to your highest good.

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