How You Can Easily Compile A Gigantic Keyword List

Written by Martin Enevoldsen

It doesn't matter what kind of marketing you are involved in.

Havingrepparttar most keywords for your market or niche is a surefire way to win over your competition, and that's a fact!

The most important place to have thousands of keywords is in your pay-per-click campaigns, as you want to hit as broad an audience as possible, within your market or niche.

If you are using pagemill software to automatically build websites surrounding a particular market or niche, you know thatrepparttar 149974 more keywords you have,repparttar 149975 more pages your site will contain, and ultimatelyrepparttar 149976 higher pagerank and position your site will have.

Therefore, having as many keywords as possible is absolutely critical to your online success.

Luckily, there are a several free resources you can use in your quest.

3 Great And Free Keyword Resources

The most widely known resource is Overture's Keyword Tool:

Type in a phrase and all related searches on yahoo forrepparttar 149977 past month will be yours forrepparttar 149978 taking.

Another great resource is Google's Keyword Tool:

Simply type in your phrase and out comes a large list of related searches on Google.

What's even more cool is that Google's Keyword Tool will also give you a list of similar searches. These may not be exactly for your market, but they will be highly revelant nonerepparttar 149979 less.

The Last Free Keyword Tool is Good Keywords:

This is actually a free piece of software that you download and install of your computer.

Fooling the Search Engines

Written by Matt Russell

Writing articles is allrepparttar rage these days onrepparttar 149942 web. Or should I say getting other people to write articles for you, joining membership sites that provide "private label" rights -- that is allrepparttar 149943 rage.

Andrepparttar 149944 reason? You get allrepparttar 149945 benefits of a well-written article withoutrepparttar 149946 work! Someone has to writerepparttar 149947 articles of course, and if you have writing skills theres plenty of opportunity for you.

Why have articles become so popular? People surfrepparttar 149948 net looking for information -- or "content" to userepparttar 149949 buzz word ofrepparttar 149950 moment. They're not interested in adverts, or flashing banners -- they just annoy people. If they search for bananas they want solid information about bananas, not a list of related banana links!

A good article will provide that content, or information.

A year or so ago webmasters thought they could profit by creating sites filled with ads and related keywords. This still works, but more people are moving away from this as it's becoming harder to get indexed inrepparttar 149951 search engines, and to stay inrepparttar 149952 search engines. So, you don't makerepparttar 149953 money you used to from this kind of site.

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