How You Can Avoid The New Dangers Of Spam

Written by Jeff Smith

How You Can Avoid The New Dangers Of Spam

Up until recently, spam has been an annoyance, a definite load on your email system and network, a waste of productive time and money, but we are about to find thatrepparttar cost could get much higher.

Spam blockers are now becoming a necessity rather than an optional email utility,repparttar 140852 reason is that spam is becoming much more dangerous.

Now, just like you, I looked into spam blocker software mainly because I didn't like being constantly bombarded with various anatomy enhancing messages or ironically, advertisements for spam blocker software itself.

A skeptical person may even wonder if this whole problem is not rooted inrepparttar 140853 business model of lesser than honest spam blocker software companies - but that's another article.

Whateverrepparttar 140854 root cause, one fact is true,repparttar 140855 spam problem is turning into a far more costly and dangerous issue that could effect you in profound ways.

The dangers are becoming so serious that we finally got serious about reviewing spam blocker software -repparttar 140856 result you can find here:

The evolution of spammers into 3 new and very dangerous areas had me scambling to get serious about finding spam blocker software and techniques that are more effective than what I've been using inrepparttar 140857 past.

The 3 new dangers that threaten you are:

1. Rise in hijacked and spoofed email addresses means that someone can make it look like their spamming campaign is coming from your computer. The impact is that you could have your internet connection terminated or put on hold by your ISP - all without your knowledge. This raisesrepparttar 140858 issue that spam needs to be blocked, ideally, in both directions - to ensure you are not an unwilling accomplice to a malicious spam campaign

2. Convergence of viruses and spam. You are no doubt aware ofrepparttar 140859 nasty rise in viruses that end up impacting your PC in a number of harmful ways including slowing you system down, crashing your system, logging your keystrokes, stealing private information, redirecting you to porn sites, etc... Now, inrepparttar 140860 pastrepparttar 140861 incidence of a virus travelling through email would be fairly predictable. That has changed with viruses working together with spam. An example isrepparttar 140862 SoBig virus whos purpose was to create a broad spamming infrastructure by planting code on unwilling participants PCs creating a mass threat to email security. This is justrepparttar 140863 tip ofrepparttar 140864 iceburg, spam will increasingly be used to spread and activate very dangerous viruses - for this reason alone, you need to be looking at spam blocker software.

TRAFFIC GENERATION ~ The Number One Skill That Will Generate Cash Flow. (Part 3 of 3)

Written by Ron Hutton

Copyright 2005 Ron Hutton

If you're feeling a bit of confusion and frustration about how to get visitors to your website and generate more sales, I know exactly how you feel. I feltrepparttar same way until I stopped listening to every "big time" marketer that came along withrepparttar 140817 latest traffic generating trick.

You've got dozens of gurus vying for your attention and every one of them hasrepparttar 140818 solution to all of your problems. Right? The proliferation of messages that promise a traffic explosion using new techniques can become overwhelming.

Time out.

Take a deep breath.

Sit back in your chair.


Now, if you will focus your energy on a very short list of traffic generation strategies that actually DO work, and commit to continually improving your skills in these few areas, you will be amazed at what you can achieve... WILL achieve.

In part 1 of this article series, we discussedrepparttar 140819 fact that...

There are only 3 ways to get traffic to your website: 1) Buy it. 2) Borrow it. 3) Steal it.

Since #3 is not an option we're going to consider, that leaves us with "buy it" and "borrow it".

We also talked aboutrepparttar 140820 "Holy Grail" of web traffic. What is it? FREE TRAFFIC! I want it. You want it. Every disillusioned internet marketer wants it.

Here'srepparttar 140821 truth...

It's a myth.

It doesn't exist.

There is no such thing as free website traffic.

We'll resume our discussion where we left off...

In parts 1 and 2 of this series we discussed what your first two priorities should be for buying website traffic (PPC search engines and ezine advertising). Next, let's talk about borrowing traffic.

There are 2 traffic borrowing strategies that we'll talk about here. 1) Search engines. 2) Writing and submitting articles.

There's no disguisingrepparttar 140822 fact thatrepparttar 140823 print books, ebooks and reports written on these two strategies number inrepparttar 140824 hundreds and even thousands. Therefore, I'll make no attempt to provide comprehensive treatment on either of them.

However, they're both important and worthy of at least a primer. So, let's start with search engines.

If you want to make money with your website today, this week or this year, what isrepparttar 140825 absolute worst investment of your time?

Search engine optimization.

I know that some marketers don't want to hear this, but it's a fact for some ofrepparttar 140826 reasons stated above and plenty of others. The mathematical (im)probabilities of achieving a top ranking for a search phrase that will result in meaningful traffic that includes buyers is… let's just sayrepparttar 140827 odds aren't in your favor.

There are strategies that work with search engines to drive traffic to websites, but one thing they absolutely do not include is any attempt to optimize a sales page or for that matter an entire website that's designed to convert visitors into customers. The strategies that work with search engines offer them what they crave most, which is content. Perhaps inrepparttar 140828 future we can discuss this in some detail.

The next big time waster that's closely related to search engine optimization is submitting your website torepparttar 140829 search engines. If your site won't be listed inrepparttar 140830 top 2, 3 or 4 pages of a search engine, nobody's going to see it anyways. This debate rages back and forth even with SEO experts who make their full time living doing nothing but consulting on SEO. Submit? Don't submit?

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