How Will You Be Remembered?

Written by John Boe

Have you ever wondered about your own funeral? How many people will attend and what do you imagine they will say about your life? Recently I read a story about a man named Alfred who hadrepparttar rare opportunity to read his own obituary. Apparentlyrepparttar 124035 newspaper in Alfred’s hometown mistakenly believed that he had died and prematurely published his obituary. Alfred was a philanthropist who had made a fortune by inventing dynamite in 1866. In his obituary his invention was blamed forrepparttar 124036 death and mutilation of thousands of people. He was shocked and dismayed byrepparttar 124037 harsh manner in which he was portrayed. Alfred was determined to improve his public image and leave a better legacy. He wanted to be remembered as a man of science and of peace. When Alfred died in 1896, his will providedrepparttar 124038 major portion of his $9 million estate be set up as a fund to establish yearly prizes for merit in physics, chemistry, medicine and physiology, literature, and world peace.

Alfred’s last name you ask? Noble,

Delegate Your Work!

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

It's a number of years ago I heard a Elizabeth Elliott, say * a woman should learn to delegate any work that a child or helper could do, so she could focus onrepparttar work only she could do. That made a profound impression on me.

Inrepparttar 124034 past year or so I've had it come back to my mind a number of times, andrepparttar 124035 more I think on it,repparttar 124036 wiser that thought appears.

Just think, of allrepparttar 124037 little chores that are part of your basic daily routine. In how many is it conceivable that someone might learn to do that as well, perhaps better, than you?

If you gave up makingrepparttar 124038 beds, preparingrepparttar 124039 family's breakfast, and washing dishes, how much free time would you have to do creative writing?

If someone else mowedrepparttar 124040 lawn, sweptrepparttar 124041 porch and driveway, wateredrepparttar 124042 flowers, could you check on a discouraged friend by phone and lift their spirits? Or create a gift to take to them?

If you've been overwhelmed with far more to do than is humanly possible, maybe it's because you were never meant to do ALL those things. You are hogging work that someone else ought to be doing.

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