How Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Rankings

Written by John Metzler

Uniquely built web sites can create unique issues when being promoted onrepparttar search engines. From a basic 3 page brochure site to a corporate site with hundreds of dynamically generated pages, every web site needs to have certain design aspects in order to achieverepparttar 127833 full effects of an SEO campaign. Below are a few points to take into consideration when building or updating your web site.

1. Size Matters. The size of a web site can have a huge impact on search engine rankings. Search engines love content, so if you have only a few pages to your site and your competitors have dozens, it's difficult to see a top page ranking for your site. In some cases it may be difficult to present several pages of information about your business or products, so you may need to think about adding free resources for visitors. It will help in broadeningrepparttar 127834 scope of your web site (which search engines like) as well as keep visitors on your site longer, possibly resulting in more sales.

2. Graphics-Based Web Sites. While web sites that offerrepparttar 127835 visitor a more esthetically-pleasing experience may seem likerepparttar 127836 best choice for someone searching for your product, they arerepparttar 127837 most difficult to optimize. Since search engine robots cannot read text within graphics or animation, what they see may be just a small amount of text. And if we learned anything from point #1, small amounts of content will not result in top rankings. If you really must offerrepparttar 127838 visitor a graphics-heavy or Flash web site, consider creating an html-based side of your site that is also available to visitors. This site will be much easier to promote onrepparttar 127839 search engines and your new found visitors will also haverepparttar 127840 option to jump over torepparttar 127841 nicer looking part of your site.

3. Dynamic Web Pages. If most of your web site is generated by a large database (such as a large book dealer with stock that is changing byrepparttar 127842 minute) you may find that some of your pages do not get indexed by major search engines. If you look atrepparttar 127843 URL of these pages they can be extremely long and have characters such as ?, #, &, %, or = along with huge amounts of seemingly random numbers or letters. Since these pages are automatically generated byrepparttar 127844 database as needed,repparttar 127845 search engines have a tough time keeping them up to date and relevant for search engine users.

One way to combat this problem is to offer a search engine friendly site map listing all your static pages just to let them know that you do have permanent content on your site. If search engines see links going to and from these dynamic pages within a good internal linking system, this may also lead torepparttar 127846 pages getting indexed. The link popularity of your site may carry more weight in this case as well, so if you can't offer as much static content as your competition, make sure you have an aggressive link campaign onrepparttar 127847 go.

4. Proper Use of HTML. There is quite a bit of sub-par web design software out there. Word processors usually have a way to create HTML documents which can be easily uploaded to a site via ftp. However, in many casesrepparttar 127848 code thatrepparttar 127849 search engine robots see is mostly lines and lines of font and position formatting, not relevant content. The more efficiently written web sites usually achieve higher rankings. Our choice for web design software is Macromedia Dreamweaver, as it is an industry standard. It also makes using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) a breeze, which can drastically cut down onrepparttar 127850 amount of text formatting in HTML code. Hand-coding HTML to design sites is also a good method if you are proficient enough.

Google’s Suggestion Beta Search – New SEO & Webmaster Wonder Tool or Over Rated Popularity Meter.

Written by James R. Sanders

With Google’s release of their new Beta Google Suggest site, many SEO’s are jumping onrepparttar bandwagon to preach praises about Google Lab’s latest breakthrough. However, in a recent article published by Site Pro News by Mike Banks Valentine, noted SEO of, entitled “A is for Amazon, B is for Best Buy Google Suggest Feature”, Mr. Valentine would have us believe thatrepparttar 127832 “results” shown in Google Suggest are forrepparttar 127833 number of SEARCHES conducted at Google for a given search term. I would have to disagree with him given repparttar 127834 research I’ve done behindrepparttar 127835 ground breaking new tool. However, before I putrepparttar 127836 cart beforerepparttar 127837 horse, maybe I should explain this new “tool” just in case you haven’t heard of it yet.

Google Suggestion Beta – Salvation for SEO’s & Webmasters or a Marginal Tool to Gauge Search Populatiry.

Google has finally rolled out a new tool touted as their latest breakthrough in logical search suggestion. In a nutshell, this tool follows your typing, letter by letter, and as you continue to formulate you search query, Google Suggest opens a drop down box of suggestions based on what it thinks you might be searching for. As you type each letter in your query window, Google Suggest continues to updaterepparttar 127838 list based onrepparttar 127839 information you type. The Beta site is located at After reading Mr. Valentine’s article, I was quick to drop byrepparttar 127840 Beta Site to check this new tool out. I thought to myself, “If this actually reportsrepparttar 127841 number of searches being done at Google for a particular search term or phrase, then boy is it going to be easy to evaluaterepparttar 127842 best search terms to use when optimizing a page for Google.” I felt like a kid on Christmas morning running downstairs to see what Santa brought me.

The Investigation Begins – My Hopes Become Fears.

My first idea was to type web site design intorepparttar 127843 search box query area. No sooner than I finished typing “web si”, up popsrepparttar 127844 box listing “web site design” asrepparttar 127845 top suggested pick, andrepparttar 127846 results showing “22,600.000 results”. My first thought was “Holy crap, there’s THAT many searches being done at Google on web site design?” My next question was “Now I wonder if that is a month, to date since Google has been in operation, or what?” Soon after additional thought, my mind began to clear andrepparttar 127847 horror struck me. The next question was “What if these are justrepparttar 127848 number of matching results inrepparttar 127849 Google database forrepparttar 127850 search term web site design?” My hopes and dreams of a new tool to demystify Google search popularity began to disintegrate as my mind started to rationalizerepparttar 127851 situation and ponderrepparttar 127852 question further.

Comparing Suggestion Beta “Results” with Google SERP “Results”.

I decided to clickrepparttar 127853 top suggestion “web site design” and see what happened. As I looked atrepparttar 127854 SERP,repparttar 127855 top line stated “Results 1 - 10 of about 32,700,000 for web site design. (0.22 seconds)”. At first, my hopes began to soar again as I ponderedrepparttar 127856 wonderful SEO opportunities. 32,700,000 does not matchrepparttar 127857 results of 22,600,000 reported inrepparttar 127858 suggestion tool. There seemed to be hope, but then my mind started to wonder again. The next question I asked was “What ifrepparttar 127859 beta tool is using an older database thanrepparttar 127860 present database used to distribute Google’s main site results”. The horror sat in again as I sat there pondering my thoughts and possibilities. Logical reasoning sat in, and my hopes and dreams were dashed as a ship tossed into a rocky coast during a hurricane. 22,600,000 results a month would be an extremely odd amount of searches forrepparttar 127861 term web site design even givenrepparttar 127862 number of webmasters and SEO’s that normally check that search term to see competition rankings. In addition, givenrepparttar 127863 closeness to repparttar 127864 regular SERP results forrepparttar 127865 same search term, it just stands to reason thatrepparttar 127866 results are from an older database snap shot ofrepparttar 127867 webrepparttar 127868 lab is using for testingrepparttar 127869 beta release.

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