How To Write and Publish Your Own eBook in 7 Days

Written by Michael Southon

I was intrigued byrepparttar title of this book - writing an eBook in 7 days? But that's exactly what Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale show you how to do.

However, your eBook doesn't have to be 100 pages. In fact, Joe Vitale's best selling eBook 'Turbo Charge Your Writing' is only 22 pages (and 2 of those pages are order forms). Andrepparttar 108459 authors giverepparttar 108460 example of someone who wrote a book just 7 pages long that sells for between $30 and $50. The fact is that people are swamped with information. Sorepparttar 108461 shorter your book,repparttar 108462 better.

Vitale and Edwards both have impressive track records in online publishing. Joe Vitale (also known as 'Mr. Fire') is something of a legend inrepparttar 108463 world of marketing. He has written over 12 successful books and has helped more than 200 authors to write, publish and promote their books.

Jim Edwards writes a syndicated newspaper column called '' and is a frequent guest speaker at national conferences on topics such as search engine traffic generation and 'shoestring' online marketing. He's alsorepparttar 108464 author of '33 Days To Online Profits' and 'The Lazy Man's Guide To Online Business'.

If you're like many aspiring authors, you may haverepparttar 108465 urge to write your book first and then find out if there's a market for it. But as Edwards and Vitale point out, that's a formula for eBook failure.

In chapter 2 ('Setting Yourself Up for Success')repparttar 108466 authors show you how to identify your niche market, how to analyze their wants, needs and problems, and how to write a book that satisfies those wants, needs and problems.

Don't skip this chapter - it provides very detailed techniques for using keyword research to find out exactly who your target audience is and where you will find them onrepparttar 108467 Internet.

Review: 'eBook Secrets Exposed'

Written by Michael Southon

If you want to make a lot of money with your own eBook and you only read one book onrepparttar subject inrepparttar 108458 next 12 months, I strongly recommend that it's 'eBook Secrets Exposed' by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel.

The authors are both well qualified in this area. Jim Edwards has written five best-selling eBooks (including 'The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business' and '33 Days To Online Success').

David Garfinkel is considered by many to berepparttar 108459 world's greatest copyrighting coach. He's an award-winning business journalist and is alsorepparttar 108460 author of several best-selling eBooks, such as 'Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich' and 'Killer Copy Tactics'.

There have been so many books on this subject that I really couldn't imagine how this book could add anything new.

But I have never before seen an eBook that explains so clearly how to do it. I gotrepparttar 108461 feeling that you could literally walk in Jim Edwards' footsteps and getrepparttar 108462 same results he did (over 4,500 eBook sales in 9 months).

What makes this book very readable and enjoyable is that it's simply a long interview - David Garfinkel asksrepparttar 108463 questions and Jim Edwards givesrepparttar 108464 answers.

The book is packed with so many 'insider tips' that's it's difficult to know where to begin, but one ofrepparttar 108465 most valuable tips is how to find out - before you write your book - if there's a market for it.

You do this by following Jim Edwards' 5-Step 'Ultimate eBook Success Formula'. The formula allows you to find out if there's a target audience that is already actively looking forrepparttar 108466 information you're about to sell online. And if so, if they are prepared to pay for it.

One ofrepparttar 108467 interesting things you'll discover in this book is that competition is actually good for your eBook.

If you come up with an idea for an eBook and you find that there are no competing books, you need to get worried - it means there's probably no market for that idea.

But if there are books competing with yours, you're on safe ground - you know you have a market.

And don't be put off by competition: anyone who is serious about a particular subject will buy at least 4 or 5 books on that topic.

Many eBook authors who make big money quickly with their eBooks do resale rights. Instead of making $29 per sale, they're making $99 per sale. As you can see, resale rights can get you into serious money very fast.

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