How To Write Words That Magnify Your Headlines

Written by Patrick Hale (Pat @Maxaid)

How To Write Words That Magnify Your Headlines

By: Pat @Maxaid

Have you ever noticed that some people can talk for hours and never say anything. It seems to be same with most ad writers.

If you choose your words correctly, a 7 word headline can relate a paragraphs worth of relevant information.

For example, compare these two headlines:

1. Brand New, Gigantic Mammoth Prelaunch - Join Now !

2. Missing Mans Body Found in Forest After 3 Years !

It doesn't take a genius to realize that #1 doesn't tell you - "Diddly"

It also doesn't take a genius to read betweenrepparttar lines of #2 and Read this into it,

Someone was missing, Who was missing, The word "body" denotesrepparttar 129731 man is deceased, How long he was missing, That he was found, Where he was found.

Also,repparttar 129732 average person will decipher that there was originally a search forrepparttar 129733 man that was most likely called off.

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