How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter: Be Brief--And Be Gone!

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

The best cover letters are 'one-page wonders.' Why? Because they suit today's busy employers who are already overloaded and often overwhelmed. The best way to catch their attention is to 'be brief–and be gone.' Leave them wanting more–so they'll call you for an interview–which is just what you hope for. Write a letter that makes your point aboutrepparttar job you want, displays your enthusiasm, and clearly asks forrepparttar 145015 opportunity to meet in person.

Put these SEVEN SECRETS of a 'Short and Sweet' Cover Letter into practice and get your phone ringing next week:

1. Write a cover letter that fits on one page - MAX - three paragraphs total! 2. Give your letter plenty of 'white space' by creating generous margins and double spacing between paragraphs.

A New World of Discovery

Written by Davis Goss

A New World of Discovery by Davis Goss

Our life experiences are comprised of a continuity of events and circumstances. These appear to be a random mix that are sometimes joyous, productive and free and at other times they are chaotic, distressful and dominated by all manner of problems.

We live in a world of opposites: up and down, short and tall, success and failure, assets and liabilities, etc., etc. We live in a world of duality where every position is challenged by some implied opposite. Webster defines Aopposites@ as, Aelements that are so far apart and diverse as to be totally irreconcilable@.

By their very nature and definition, opposites cannot mix or commingle. It is our attempts to justify opposites that isrepparttar root cause of all problems.

Simple logic, then, forcesrepparttar 144988 conclusion that if we could somehow prevent this law of opposites from operating in our individual experiences, we could exercise our dominion over those nagging problems that rob us of our natural harmonious life experiences. But how?

Let=s userepparttar 144989 example of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. They are representative of opposites. Webster defines Apositive@ as, Asomething that is real@ and Anegative@ as, Athat which isrepparttar 144990 opposite of something@ and is, therefore UN-real. Being opposites they cannot coexist. Either you have one or you haverepparttar 144991 other. But you cannot have both atrepparttar 144992 same time

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