How To Write The Perfect Classified Ad... and How To Use It To Make Sales

Written by Kevin Nunley

As a major mass media that is almost free to use,repparttar Internet is a great place to take advantage of free promotion tools-- no matter what business you're in. One ofrepparttar 101089 most common places to advertise are free classified sites, but how do you write an adrepparttar 101090 works?

The Perfect Classified Ad: It may not be a literary thing of beauty, or even an ad that is very appealing--but for some reason it gets sales for its owner. Getting your Perfect Classified Ad will come easier if you follow a simple plan.

Write your ad in complete sentences. Then cut out non- essential words to make your adrepparttar 101091 required length. Start sentences with action words. Use short phrases.

While you are at it, write several versions of your classified ad. I usually try to knock out six at a time.

Next, test your ads. Run them all on free ad sites, in ezines, newspapers, or magazines. Be sure to include a code in your response info so you will know which ad producedrepparttar 101092 inquiry or sale.

Once you find an ad that works well, leave it alone. Resistrepparttar 101093 temptation to tweak an ad that is already successful.

Don't worry if you or your associates become bored withrepparttar 101094 ad. Your audience is not as close torepparttar 101095 ad and is only assured by its repetition.

So now that you have written an awesome classifieds ad, you wonder where to go? Well, there are thousands of sites that offer free classified ads. These no-cost announcements are a good way to get a new home business offrepparttar 101096 ground, test a new ad or product, or supplementrepparttar 101097 paid advertising you do in ezines.

The down side is everyone else is posting free ads, too. But I know several people who are getting anywhere from several to dozens of leads regularly with free ads.

Here are a few tips to make free Internet ads produce results for you.

1. Place your ad in a LOT of places. Start with one ofrepparttar 101098 big sites that has hundreds of links to other free ad sites. is one ofrepparttar 101099 oldest and largest of these sites. Veteran posters sayrepparttar 101100 Yahoo classifieds and AOL free classifieds draw best.

2. Use software to help you post. Getrepparttar 101101 free Fillout Manager at There are automated ad posting programs that place your ad on hundreds of sites at lightening speed. See and for two ofrepparttar 101102 best. Be sure to go to Becanada's "two-step" sites that fewer of your competitors will be taking time to visit.

Ask Mr. D - Banner Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

Do you think banner ads are a waste of time? Some of my friends tell me that I am wasting my time by using banners and I would like to know what you think.

Just one more thing. I have found a site where I can make my own banners for free, but they are notrepparttar animated kind. I have read that animated banners do better thanrepparttar 101088 others. Is this so and how can I make animated banners.

I sure do hope you can help me.


Banner Man ___________________

Dear Banner Man,

No, I don't think banners are a waste of time. While banners don't enjoyrepparttar 101089 high click-through rate they once did, they can still be an effective marketing tool.

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