How To Write Sales-Making Headlines and Text

Written by J. R. Beach

How long does it take to make a first impression? Onrepparttar fast-paced internet you’re likely to get less than 15 seconds. That’s all they’ll spend on your opening page unless you grab visitors with something that interests them.

And if you’ve spent effort and dollars to attract visitors, you don’t want to lose them inrepparttar 129922 time it takes to back out ofrepparttar 129923 driveway. After all, if you’ve got something to sell, you’re not looking for “hits”, you’re looking for sales. The only item someone will buy in fifteen seconds is a face-value ticket torepparttar 129924 Super Bowl.

Withrepparttar 129925 advent of simpler, fast-loading sites with fewer graphics, headlines and text may berepparttar 129926 most important tools you have during those 15 seconds.


The objective of a headline is to interestrepparttar 129927 visitor in readingrepparttar 129928 text. Plain and simple. Without a well-written headline, visitors will never go far enough to investigaterepparttar 129929 details of what you’ve got to offer. You don’t sell with a headline. That’srepparttar 129930 job of your text. All you want to do is getrepparttar 129931 reader to desire more information.

--Chooserepparttar 129932 right words First, certain subjects create more interest than others. Amongrepparttar 129933 most effective are money, wealth, love, health and safety. Practice writing three or four headlines using those subjects.

There are also words that seem to attract greater interest than others. Here are some of those words: Learn, discover, easy, new, proven, save, you, now and free

Now re-write your headlines incorporating those words.

And, of course, many effective headlines start with “How to…” or “How you can…”

--Use a question Many times a question works well because it involves repparttar 129934 reader. Ever heard this one? “Where Do You Want To Go Today?” Sure you have.

Here are some other ways to incorporate a question into your headline: “Have You Ever…?” “Do You Want To…” “Do You Think You Can…” “How Do You…”

--Experiment with your headlines Chances are, you’re not going to hitrepparttar 129935 best possible headline on your first try. And nobody can tell you in advance what will work for your product or service. Don’t be afraid to experiment early on, trying to gauge response to each headline.

--Put a tracking system in place Make sure you have a system in place to track which headlines are generating response and which aren’t. An easy way is to make multiple, identical pages on your site. Each page should contain a hit counter. Then assign each headline you use to a particular page. The highest number of responses wins. Headline one might be andrepparttar 129936 second headline aims visitors to

Writing Effective Website Text

Now that you’ve perfected your headline, you should tailor your text to involverepparttar 129937 visitor in your site, describe what your product or service will do for them and lead them toward a sale. Here are some DOs and DON’Ts:

--Highlight Benefits People don’t respond to features, they respond to benefits (whatrepparttar 129938 product or service will DO for them or how it will make them FEEL). Therefore, turningrepparttar 129939 product’s features into benefits is critical. For example, people aren’t interested in a six-cylinder, turbo-charged 280-horsepower engine. That’s a car’s feature. They are, however, interested in driving a car with quick acceleration to merge swiftly into highway traffic, pass slow-moving trucks on two-lane roads, etc. Those arerepparttar 129940 benefits ofrepparttar 129941 engine. So stress benefits. Here’s an easy way to do that:


Written by Bob McElwain

While onrepparttar phone with a fellow a while back, he mentioned he wanted to start a business onrepparttar 129919 Web. When I asked what he planned to do, he had a couple of good answers. But he qualified all by saying his writing skills were not sufficient.

I hear this often. And it saddens me some way. This fellow had demonstrated strong verbal skills. And that he is bright, with solid values and attitudes in place. When I suggested he need only write as he was speaking to me, I don't think he bought it.

Another fellow recently maderepparttar 129920 same claim, and felt he would have to hire allrepparttar 129921 writing on his site. After a first glance at his email, one might be inclined to agree. But when I looked closer, there were only three formatting problems. No capitalization. No spaces between sentences. No returns atrepparttar 129922 end of a line, sorepparttar 129923 wrap made it look awful. But upon a closer look,repparttar 129924 only significant problem came fromrepparttar 129925 haste with which he wrote.

The Secret To Writing On The Web

KISS! That is, keep it super simple. You are not trying to winrepparttar 129926 Pulitzer Prize. You are simply trying to explain a point as to a friend or customer. The only difference is you are makingrepparttar 129927 point with written, rather than spoken, words.

About Those Rules

The rules which govern proper use of English were important when you were in school, trying to pass a course. Inrepparttar 129928 world ofrepparttar 129929 Web, many do not matter much.

Sure, your site needs to be sharp. Andrepparttar 129930 content must be well written. But what does "well written" mean?

I always hesitate to say anything about how to write, for I have forgotten most ofrepparttar 129931 rules. And I frequently break those I do remember.

Above, for example,repparttar 129932 sentence which begins with "And I .." is incorrect because it begins with a conjunction. But if I leave it out,repparttar 129933 single sentence will be 26 words in length. Too long for easy reading.

Besides, that's notrepparttar 129934 way I would make this point to a friend. What I might say is something like. "I don't like to say things about writing. There're too many rules I don't remember. And I break a lot of 'em."

How Would You Put It?

It doesn't matter how you choose to makerepparttar 129935 point. Just write as you would explain it to a friend or site visitor. So long as it is acceptable English andrepparttar 129936 reader understands your point, that isrepparttar 129937 end of it.

Hail To The Purest!

The above may bring comments. There are lots of people who expect English to be used correctly. They object when it is not. This point of view is valid. Andrepparttar 129938 need for well written content is overlooked or ignored on far too many websites. However, ...

Only Your Target Matters

To build a successful online business, all must be carefully directed at your perfect customer. Every word on every page must be directed specifically to your target.

If your target is serious students of psychology, your writing skills must be strong. Andrepparttar 129939 rules of English matter.

If your target is fly fisherman, there is a bit of a dilemma in that they likely coverrepparttar 129940 spectrum in terms of careers, social status, and so forth. Their definition of what writing level is sufficient will vary enormously.

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