How To Write Headlines That Could Make You A Fortune

Written by Noel Peebles

What do people see in advertising? Headlines! What do you see when you are glancing through a newspaper or magazine? Headlines! What is it that makes you stop for a moment and look at an advertisement, or even read some of it? The headline! An advertisement headline is no different from a news headline. Both are designed to capturerepparttar reader's attention and to encourage them to read further.

The same applies with a radio commercial. It also needs a headline to attractrepparttar 101057 listener's attention so they "prick up their ears" and listen further.

The headline therefore becomesrepparttar 101058 ad forrepparttar 101059 ad. It must be strong enough to "flag attention" and stop repparttar 101060 reader, listener, or viewer "in their tracks." The job ofrepparttar 101061 headline is to entice them to read on or pay further attention torepparttar 101062 message that follows.

Let's face it; we all have a natural resistance to advertising. These days we are bombarded with thousands upon thousands of commercial messages. Unlessrepparttar 101063 headline is of particular interest, or in some way says "I'm talking to you!", we will tend to ignore it.

If you're like most advertisers, you will open a newspaper or magazine and go immediately to your own advertisement. It stands out because you are looking for it.

In reality,repparttar 101064 average reader is not scanningrepparttar 101065 publication in search of your advertisement. The publication may have four hundred other headlines in that particular issue. Every headline is competing with allrepparttar 101066 others inrepparttar 101067 issue. A particular advertisement is not just competing with other ads forrepparttar 101068 reader's attention. It is also competing, withrepparttar 101069 numerous articles and news stories inrepparttar 101070 publication.

Can't Get Right - Maybe It's Just a Word

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

One ofrepparttar people I worked with in advertising, had an expression "Can't Get Right". Whatrepparttar 101056 heck does it mean? Well, when he could not seem to get ad copy.... right, he would walk in and say, this ad "Can't Get Right".

This was his way of telling me that he had come to wits end trying to get this particular ad to his level of perfection. Actually, he would tell you that it was my level of perfection that was not met. :o)

What does one do when they reach a point of knowing that something is just not quite right with an ad?

I know I spentrepparttar 101057 time researching and going through allrepparttar 101058 steps necessary to write a successful ad. But something is just not quite right.

Ad writing is a very sensitive operation.

Amazingly, sometimesrepparttar 101059 addition of one word can totally changerepparttar 101060 effectiveness of an ad. Inrepparttar 101061 same light, removing a single word can sometimes be just as effective.

I am going to give you a couple of examples.

A while back I ran an advertisement for Solo Ads in Money For Hire.

The first time I ranrepparttar 101062 ad with this headline.

Solo Ad to 3000 Opt-In Subscribers

The ad did pretty well but I decided to try adding a word to see what kind of results it would bring. Here isrepparttar 101063 revised ad.

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