How To Write Best Articles

Written by Steve Dimeck

I’ve been able to distinguish 3 main categories that people fall into, regardingrepparttar subject on writing articles. Allow me to share them with you.

Here we go!

Category #1: The absolute hard way of writing articles.

Let me pick a topic for an article: “Brest Cancer.” This subject is a very serious matter and one that will make many people read and even publish.

But I have absolutely no knowledge about it or experience in any shape or form. Actually,repparttar 105701 only information that I have is from my friend’s mother who has gone through this horrible experience.

I’m going to takerepparttar 105702 *lazy-way-approach* and I’m going to write an article about it without doing any research. My article is going to be based onrepparttar 105703 little bits and pieces of information on this subject available in my brain. But mostly, it would be my thoughts expressed through my opinion.

So I start writingrepparttar 105704 article.

Shortly after, I stumble across a big problem. I can’t finish it. My brain is working extra hard but I can’t even form a single sentence. I struggle day and night to make it sound intelligent, but what else can I do when there’s a very little information available in my brain.

Finally, I somehow finishrepparttar 105705 article on Breast Cancer, which consist mostly of my thoughts and my opinion about it with very little or no facts at all.

What wouldrepparttar 105706 quality andrepparttar 105707 acceptance level of my article be?

People, such as myself, who have no knowledge about it will read it and will take it as granted. But what’s going to happen when I offer it to ezine publishers to include it in their newsletters or offer it to webmasters as content for their websites?

The most probable ezines and websites to publish my article would berepparttar 105708 ones directly related torepparttar 105709 subject. But, what’s going to happen when their publishers read my article?

Since they have an abundance of knowledge onrepparttar 105710 subject or they can quickly check their resources and compare them to my article, they would immediately recognize my level of knowledge onrepparttar 105711 subject – orrepparttar 105712 lack of it.

Conclusion: why struggle writing about something that we know very little or nothing about?

Category #2: The intermediate way of writing articles.

Let me pick a topic for another article: “Internet Law.” A topic that would definitely getrepparttar 105713 attention of many Internet marketers. But I don’t have much knowledge about it!

So, instead of falling into Category #1 and throwing down my opinion about it, I’ll do an intensive research and I’ll gather as much as useful information as possible supported by facts.

I’ll even contact some sources directly affected by it or involved with it to gather some original information, instead of depending entirely onrepparttar 105714 reports published by others.

Then, I’ll process all that info in my brain and I’ll start puttingrepparttar 105715 article together. I’ll quote some sources for added integrity and to let people know that I’m not just sharing my opinion.

20 Ways to Improve Newsletter Conversions

Written by Kimberly Krause Berg

We’ve all seen them.

They come in various sizes, and though they look innocent enough, they’re really a mysterious black hole leading to something even more puzzling.

A newsletter!

Hard to believe, but it’s true. A newsletter signup box can be that easy thing you stick in a corner, yet you come to realize it’s not earning its keep. People aren’t signing up. Not long ago I did some troubleshooting for a company who couldn’t figure out why there were so few subscribers to their newsletter. After they received my report, they wrote back,” To be honest, we put that up because we were told its good to have a newsletter.” Nobody told them it takes a lot more than putting up a little signup box on a web page.

Here’s a rundown, in no particular order, of things to consider if you want to present a newsletter or any type of subscription-based publication (such as news updates, sales promotions) that requires asking for someone’s email address and their name. The idea behindrepparttar list is to increase conversions, reduce signup abandonment and inspire interest in your subscription offering.

1. Are there too many opportunities for signup? Some web sites appear desperate. There may be a text link inrepparttar 105700 global navigation and footer, plus a box placed on every single web page. Some web sites have two boxes – one aboverepparttar 105701 page fold and a duplicate belowrepparttar 105702 fold.

2. Did you extend a polite invitation during conversational content somewhere? There are many ways to invite signups, such as when introducing yourself or company, in a form return page when you direct visitors back torepparttar 105703 homepage or somewhere of interest, or as an item inrepparttar 105704 About Us content. Link to a page containing information aboutrepparttar 105705 newsletter, which also has a sign up form on it.

3. Doesrepparttar 105706 box contain scan words such as “Free”, “Sales”, Special”? (Ex. “Subscribe to our free newsletter.”)

4. Did you study your target market to learn if there is a need for your type of newsletter? Who are your intended readers?

5. Be careful. Some forms are confusing, such as when they ask for a mailing address for an EMAIL only newsletter. Why do you want to know where they live? (If you have a good reason, it’s best to clearly state what that is.)

6. Isrepparttar 105707 newsletter intended for an International audience? If there is a reason to ask for personal information, make surerepparttar 105708 form is designed for International users to fill out.

7. Link to a privacy policy at or nearrepparttar 105709 top ofrepparttar 105710 sign up form. This explains exactly what will happen torepparttar 105711 subscriber’s email address and any other information they’re asked to give. If they don’t trust your motives, they may refuse to sign up.

8. A simple newsletter sign up box should request a user name and email address that will acceptrepparttar 105712 email. Instructions near or insiderepparttar 105713 box, or inrepparttar 105714 newsletter information page, explaining they’ll receive a confirmation email verifying their information will increase user confidence.

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