How To Write Articles That Get Read

Written by Ken Hill

Writing articles can successfully drive more free targeted traffic to your website, and substantially increase your profits online.

To help you get started, I've providedrepparttar following tips to show you how to write your own profitable articles -- articles that capture your readers' attention and that e-zine publishers would like to place in their publication.

1. Put a lot of thought intorepparttar 129424 title of your article.

A good title will grab your readers' attention and encourage them to read through your article.

2. Keeprepparttar 129425 introduction and conclusion of your article short.

3. Keep your article focused on one topic.

4. Provide resources to your readers that deal withrepparttar 129426 subject of your article.

5. Write your article as a list of tips.

This is a very easy and effective way to present your information and hold your readers' interest.

When writing your article, keep your tips brief, even just two or three lines, and use numbers to listrepparttar 129427 tips in your article. This will allow your readers to go quickly from one tip torepparttar 129428 next as well as keep your article neatly organized and easy to read.

6. Write a how-to article.

This type of article shows your readers step-by-step how they can reach an objective such as successfully promoting an affiliate program, or making an ebook.

How I learned to make my writing pay, and you can do it too. Copywriting is easy money

Written by Angela Booth

Summary: Want to make great money from your writing skills? Become a copywriter (a writer for business).

How come there's so much writing inrepparttar world, but most writers are poor? It's because writers are writingrepparttar 129422 stuff that makes other people rich. If you're writing novels for major publishers for example, you're pouring money intorepparttar 129423 bank accounts of giant corporations, butrepparttar 129424 stream of money, byrepparttar 129425 time it reaches you, is a slow drip, not a river.

If you want to make money from your writing, you need to writerepparttar 129426 words that sell. In other words, you need to become a copywriter.

Copywriters write everyday words,repparttar 129427 words you see and hear around you every day --- advertising, press releases, catalogs, newsletters, and radio spots. I've been a writer, and a successful one if you count publication credits, for 20+ years, but it wasn't until I made copywritingrepparttar 129428 foundation of my business that I started to feel relaxed about paying my bills.

If you're an experienced writer, you can add copywriting torepparttar 129429 writing you do, and start making money without much effort. The skills of both fiction and non-fiction are necessary when writing copy. If you're a new writer, just starting out,repparttar 129430 skills you learn when writing copy are easily transferable to other kinds of writing.

The brilliant news about copywriting is that copywriters can make excellent money, withrepparttar 129431 most experienced, enterprising, and productive copywriters scooping in a comfortable six figures annually.

You don't have to be a great writer to be an excellent copywriter, but you do need to recognize and be able to userepparttar 129432 attributes of both fiction (evoke emotion) and non fiction (be clear) in your writing. Of allrepparttar 129433 writing I do, I love copywriting most. It's fun, it's easy, it's creative --- andrepparttar 129434 biggest plus of all, it's usually short.

Here'srepparttar 129435 successful freelance copywriter's mindset.


* know that you're surrounded by copy every day, everywhere you look.

Radio, TV,repparttar 129436 Internet, newspapers, food product labels, signs: they all contain words, and a copywriter wrote them. To most people, copy is so ubiquitous it's invisible. To you, copy signals a market. You're observant and aware, and every time a message catches your eye, even if it's only a street sign, you're thinking: "Hmmm... a potential market";

* are interested ingetting your client's message across;

* are prepared to market, and then market your services some more.

Kick-start your freelance copywriting services business

You can kick-start your freelance copywriting services today, in three steps:

1. Become aware of allrepparttar 129437 copy around you, and start thinking aboutrepparttar 129438 kinds of copy you could write and have fun with;

2. Develop a prospective clients database;

3. Write your first direct mail letter advertising your services.

Copy is everywhere

Copywriters write for businesses. They write to sell. Your first step is some market research, and when it comes to market research, copywriting is a doddle. Unlike novelists who have to slog torepparttar 129439 library orrepparttar 129440 bookstore to readrepparttar 129441 latest bestsellers, and magazine writers who keep themselves poor by buying dozens of magazines, you get your market research for free, delivered to your door. If you have a little "No Junk Mail" notice on your letterbox, scrape it off.

On my desk right now, I have six flyers from six local real estate agents. The flyers were stuffed into my letterbox overrepparttar 129442 past two weeks. Here's a taste ofrepparttar 129443 copy: "Don't buy a home until you see our exclusive range". Another one's headed: "Do you wantrepparttar 129444 best price when selling?" Their copy is obviously being written by someone in-house, so they're not gettingrepparttar 129445 ROI (Return on Investment) they should be getting.

My calls to local printers established that they're paying around $1500 for 15 000 flyers. Not a lot of money. Onrepparttar 129446 other hand, what results are they getting? If they invest in an hour of my services, charged at my base rate, I'm positive I can substantially increase their response rate from their flyers. I haven't entered these six real estate agents into my Prospective Clients database yet, but I will.

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