How To Write An Effective FAQ Page

Written by David Coyne

Websites that have multiple pages usually have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)page. There are several good reasons why you should have one.

1) An FAQ clears out any confusion your prospect might have about buying product. Remember, a confused mind always says no.

2) It lets a prospect grab key information quickly.

3) It creates a positive impression with your prospect because you’re acknowledging that their time is precious and they want answers quickly.

4) An FAQ saves you time. The more answers you provide at your website,repparttar less customer emails you’ll get askingrepparttar 131813 same questions over and over.

Before you write an FAQ, do some research.Think about your favourite websites and formulate some questions you might ask about their products or services.

Now surf to those websites and review their FAQ pages. Were you able to find answers to your question quickly? Or did you have to scroll or click through pages to find what you were looking for? Wererepparttar 131814 questions separated into logical categories or were they put in random order?

This should give you an idea ofrepparttar 131815 “do’s” and “dont’s” of creating an FAQ.

Another valuable research technique is to ask good friends or customers to give you feedback on your products or service. What questions popped into their minds when they visited your website. (You might offer a small giftor discount to your customers in exchange for feedback.)

Flashation Flash Menu Builder

Written by Alex Bronco

Launch of Flashation Web Menu Builder Flashation Web Menu Builder is a new, easy-to-use software package that enables users to create animated Flash buttons and menus for websites. It was launched intorepparttar Flash tool market on April 15, 2003. Flashation ( isrepparttar 131811 first dedicated tool to offer offline creation of impressive and professional animated Flash buttons and entire navigation menus for websites.

Flashation offers exceptional Flash buttons with a wonderful after-glow effect. Users can create their personalized buttons and menus by simply changingrepparttar 131812 settings ofrepparttar 131813 templates, such as colors, text, hyperlinks and animation. They can use as little or many buttons in horizontal, vertical or even diagonal rows as they like, andrepparttar 131814 buttons can easily be made to matchrepparttar 131815 style and color scheme of a website. Users’ settings are automatically saved in Flashation andrepparttar 131816 updating of a design is simple.

Nowadays 99% of web users worldwide are able to view Flash elements. More and more websites are making use of Flash but still very few people know how to use Flash. Flashation will help people who want to make an impact with their website to draw and impress their visitors. Users do not need any programming, design or Flash skills to be able to create web buttons with Flashation.

Flashation Web Menu Builder is compatible with all HTML editors and Macromedia Flash, so it is easy to incorporaterepparttar 131817 buttons into websites or Flash projects. File sizes are kept extremely low: just 4 to 8 KB for an entire navigation menu.

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