How To Write Ads That Get Response

Written by Lisa Packer

Your print ads should do more than just get noticed. Their job is to bring you business, and if all they do is lay around and attract attention, they’re no different fromrepparttar lazy employee who does nothing all day but look busy.

You wouldn’t give him more hours inrepparttar 137554 hopes that one day something productive will happen. And you shouldn’t keep running those “name recognition” ads inrepparttar 137555 hopes that one day sales will happen, either. You should fire those non-responsive ads and get some that pull their own weight. Here’s how:

1.Grab prospects with your headline. The single most important part of your ad isrepparttar 137556 headline. If yours isrepparttar 137557 name of your business, you are wasting your time and money by running it. Make it shout aboutrepparttar 137558 biggest benefit if buying your product or service, and you could increase response by as much as 300%.

2.Don’t talk about yourself. Talk aboutrepparttar 137559 benefits your prospect will enjoy by using your product or service. Focus entirely on your customer, not yourself, your history, your anything. It’s all about what’s in it for them.

Powerful Lessons From A $20 Bill

Written by Catherine Franz

By Catherine Franz

Just last week I was speaking to a group of 50 women and men. I opened by holding up a $20 and asking who would like this $20 bill. I also mentioned there were no strings attached. You would have thought that everyone would be raising their hand wantingrepparttar $20 bill.

That isn't what happened. Less than halfrepparttar 136974 people raised their hand.

I gaverepparttar 136975 $20 bill away and stood in silence. It wasn't a long silence but silence when everyone expects to be hearing you talk is long whether its 10 seconds of several minutes. I was waiting until I saw a few audience members began fidgeting.

Then one women spoke up. ¡°Darn, I could have used that $20 for gas today.¡± You guessed it, she was one ofrepparttar 136976 hesitant ones.

My topic was on marketing. The exercise demonstrated that even when we market fromrepparttar 136977 truth with no strings attached and even though we totally think ofrepparttar 136978 customer first, many people perceive, assume, that there is going to be a catch torepparttar 136979 offer.

This is a powerful lesson when you are expressing your offer, whether its written or verbal,repparttar 136980 majority ofrepparttar 136981 people reading or hearing it are going to be thinking with an ¡°it's too good to be true¡± mentality.

This means that whenever you are preparing any type of marketing material you need to see your offer from this perspective.

The following day I again spoke to another group. This timerepparttar 136982 audience was all women. I opened again with another $20. Only this time when I mentioned that there were no strings attached, I said it more powerfully - meaning more vocal variety - repeated it as if it was written in bold print and stated there were absolutely no strings attached. The word ¡°absolutely¡± was set off with a mild hand slap.

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