"How To Write A Riveting Sales Letter That Closes Sales"

Written by Mike Jezek

"How To Write A Riveting Sales Letter That Closes Sales" By Mike Jezek,repparttar Sales Letter Psychologist™

How do you get people's attention and build their interest to takerepparttar 108119 time to read your sales letter? Let's face it. If you can't getrepparttar 108120 attention of prospects and keep their interest your sales letter will just fall flat on it's face and thus not make you much money.

Today, I'm going to show you how to take that limp sales letter and inject more money making power into it. How? You make your sales letter more riveting. And you do that by creating a thread of curiosity and or surprising information that keeps your prospects onrepparttar 108121 edge of their seats. There are various ways to do this, but today I'm going to show you three simple things you can do right away to make your sales letter more riveting.

1) The 25% Rule: Simply stated, ifrepparttar 108122 first quarter of your sales letter isn't absolutely compelling and interesting enough your sales letter will bomb. So here's what you do. You craft an irresistible benefit laden headline and subhead that pull people intorepparttar 108123 first sentence of your body copy. You writerepparttar 108124 copy in such a way that to completerepparttar 108125 thought forces your audience intorepparttar 108126 next sentence. Next, your first paragraph will naturally flow intorepparttar 108127 second paragraph and then intorepparttar 108128 third and so on. The trick again, is to writerepparttar 108129 copy in such a way that you're using stories, case histories, testimonials news or even descriptions that take several paragraphs to write. Then you break this huge block of copy up into multiple paragraphs. As a result,repparttar 108130 first 25% of your sales letter should become riveting.

2) Sentence Enders: Atrepparttar 108131 end of key paragraphs you can add a special sentence that beckons your prospects to read intorepparttar 108132 next paragraph. Here are several examples: "Stay with me." "Let me explain." There's more." "What happened next will surprise you." "I was blown away by what happened next." "Now here comesrepparttar 108133 good part."

The Headline Is Your Lifeline

Written by David Geer

Reel them in!

Think for a moment about newspapers. Have you ever heardrepparttar phrase, "the headline screamed…?" This will probably give you an image of a headline that says, "Town demolished by flood", or, "Strange virus discovered in water supply". Doesn't it make you want to read on, to find outrepparttar 108118 details ofrepparttar 108119 story?

Forrepparttar 108120 purpose of your headline, you do not have to proclaim disaster in order to get attention. In most cases, you won't want "disaster" mentioned in connection with anything having to do with your business, unless you fix disasters! You also don't have to be overly clever or humorous. The direct approach works best, and is appreciatedrepparttar 108121 most. When prospective clients are atrepparttar 108122 door, invite them in. Here are some steps to help you put together a winning headline, and create not just a reading audience, but a buying audience.

Define your target market. * Who is your target audience? * What arerepparttar 108123 hopes, dreams, wishes, and needs of this audience? * Who do you think would buy from you? Are they business people, teenagers, or married couples? Are they spiritual, health-conscious, or disorganized? * Why is your product a good fit for this market? Provide a hook.

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