"How To Write A Dynamite Guarantee For Your Sales Letters"

Written by Mike Jezek

Ok, this is going to make some of you uneasy! In my work with clients I have come across some people who were leery of going all out with their Guarantee. And that's understandable. But let me tell you this... A money-back guarantee on your offers will make your response soar. It will. Andrepparttar more powerful,repparttar 127310 more outrageous your money-back guarantee;repparttar 127311 better your results will be! In fact, a powerful money guarantee has been shown to be a hot button in getting people to buy. One ofrepparttar 127312 key reasons is that all people really want in life is S.E.X. S.E.X.? Yes, people want Security, Essentials, andrepparttar 127313 Xtras of life. And in that order to. And a money-back guarantee is tied into giving peoplerepparttar 127314 security they want. After all, people are skeptical. Big time! So if your money-back guarantee is better than your competitors, odds are you are going to outperform your competitor. So what kind of money-back guarantees can you use in your sales letter? Firstrepparttar 127315 bad news. You're only limited by your imagination relevant to your particular industry. Now,repparttar 127316 good news. There are various guarantees you can immediately copy to skyrocket your sales letter's response rates. Here they are: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee 1 Full Year Money-Back Guarantee (Been said to getrepparttar 127317 best results and lowest returns.)


Written by Bob Leduc

Use these 5 powerful buying stimulators in your ads, web pages and other sales messages to get more sales. They produce immediate results without increasing your costs.


People usually buy a product or service because they expect to feel a certain way afterrepparttar purchase. Keep this in mind as you develop your ads, web pages and other sales tools.

Use vivid word pictures to dramatizerepparttar 127309 pleasant feeling your customer will experience when enjoyingrepparttar 127310 benefit produced by your product or service. The following portion of a business opportunity ad I saw recently illustrates this concept:

"No boss. No schedule. No debt. Money to buy what you want and lots of time to have fun."


After telling your prospect what they will gain from buying your product or service, tell them what they will lose if they do not buy it. Most people fear loss more then they desire gain.

Strengthen your selling appeals by reminding prospects of what they will lose if they do not buy from you. For example,repparttar 127311 above business opportunity ad becomes more powerful by addingrepparttar 127312 following:

"Or... continue building wealth for your boss while you struggle month after month just to pay your bills."


Promote only 1 product or service each time you advertise. Most people have difficulty selecting one product to buy when their decision forces them to delay or reject buying something else they also want. When prospects cannot make an easy choice they often make no decision at all -- and you loserepparttar 127313 sale.

TIP: Combine several products or services into one package for one price. Eliminaterepparttar 127314 difficult decision of selecting and rejecting items by not including an option to buy any items separately. You will get more sales because your prospect's buying decision is limited to a simple "yes" or "no".

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