How To Work With Free Traffic Generators

Written by Dan J. Fry

Free traffic?!! Wow! That just sends goose bumps down my spine!

We are all looking for free web site traffic. Search engines arerepparttar best sources but you must constantly optimize for top indexing. There are however other sources of free traffic. Making good use of them takes a bit of patience and care.

One of growing popularity, traffic exchanges supply visitors to your site in exchange for traffic which you deliver torepparttar 116906 network of sites. These systems allow you to accumulate credits which are then converted in to a predetermined number of viewings of your site either inrepparttar 116907 form of a link or an actual web page. The following lists some ofrepparttar 116908 most popular systems.

(1) Traffic Exchanges - TrafficSwarm is owned by SixDegrees Media in Sausalito, California, and driven in large part by CEO Wayne Van Dyck, an ex-Wall Street Investment Banker. It is by and farrepparttar 116909 most well-run and beneficial traffic exchange that I have found to date. You can check it out at .

Traffic exchanges work by crediting perrepparttar 116910 amount of traffic you bring to other sites onrepparttar 116911 network. This can be through your own surfing, referral traffic, or even by purchasing site visits. Most exchanges offer free and paid memberships, with paid members of course obtaining more perks and potentially more targeted traffic.

(2) Banner Exchanges - Banners are known not to haverepparttar 116912 largest click through rates but can still be of benefit. They typically make use of a 2:1 or lower visibility ratio, meaning that for every 2 times someone views a banner on your site, 1 view of your banner will be shown elsewhere onrepparttar 116913 network.

Why Writing Can Generate Credibility and Site Traffic

Written by Dan J. Fry

Search engines, banner exchanges, link exchange, ad co-ops, classified ads, newsgroups, discussion lists, safelists and FFA sites are all methods used to generate web site traffic and market products onrepparttar internet. Some of them work well, and some flop like a day old pancake. There is one frequently overlooked technique, that when used appropriately will build your home business to extents you never dreamed possible.

Writing. Write, write and right again. Writing articles is one ofrepparttar 116905 best ways to promote your web site. Why? Think of it this way. When you place an ad you are always limited to what you can write and how longrepparttar 116906 ad can be. So, you craft your sales copy to bring inrepparttar 116907 greatest return, in terms of click through rates and sheer number of sales, forrepparttar 116908 money spent. Oncerepparttar 116909 ad is released andrepparttar 116910 campaign over,repparttar 116911 entire process must be repeated.

When you write articles however, your content and length restrictions are incredibly loose. It is within your article that you can show your expertise, connect torepparttar 116912 reader, and briefly advertise yourself and your business. Moreover, writing articles is viral, meaning it can spread throughoutrepparttar 116913 web to other sites and newsletters.

By submitting your articles and allowing others to publish them free of charge you begin to develop credentials in your field and essentially "brand" yourself through your name. If your articles are crafted with a story-telling perspective people will look forward to hearing from you. What can be better than creating that sort of anticipation.

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