How To Work At Home Using Your Computer, Even If You Can't Type

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

How To Work At Home Using Your Computer, Even If You Can't Type By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Starting a home-based business involves many tasks. It quickly becomes very important to make as many of these tasks as easy as possible. Speed and efficiency are tops when it comes to getting work done. If you are a "hunt- and-peck" typist, one ofrepparttar most important first goals you should have is to learn to type properly and quickly. Accomplishing this feat will give you great practice in setting and reaching goals for your business, and will benefit you from that day on. Many tasks related to running an online (or offline) home-based business require typing skills. The less time you spend typing (answering email, writing ads and sales copy, developing info products, etc.), repparttar 117529 more you'll have to spend on other very important things. Website tweaking, marketing, and promotion come to mind. Look inrepparttar 117530 "bargain bin" at your favorite local store (or your favorite online seller) for last year's

How To Run An Online Business... From The Road

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

"How To Run An Online Business... From The Road" By Ken Leonard,Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Running an online publishing business really lends itself to mobility. Giving yourepparttar freedom to live as you would like, while running your business, isrepparttar 117528 appeal ofrepparttar 117529 internet as a powerful money making vehicle. The idea is to automate all that you can, so your promotion machine works 24/7, while you're asleep, or wandering around Northern Europe. You now have a small number of tasks left that demand your prompt attention, which are very do-able as you travel, in your spare time. The promotion methods you have put into action will continue to work for you day after day. Articles you have written for use in other online publications will be printed and seen by countless subscribers, growing your reader base. Ads you have set up in other publications will run per schedule. Any viral subscription programs or co-ops that you use will continue to grow your list, while you have lunch in a cafe in Cologne. The use of autoresponders to host a free course or report on your subject matter is a valuable tool torepparttar 117530 mobile marketer. I have a free email series on autoresponder, that brings in leads and subscribers for my ezine anytime and automatically. "PC Tips For Online Marketers" is a seven-part series on keeping your home office computer running safe and sound, especially if you aren't a techie. You will see some ofrepparttar 117531 tips in my newsletter from time to time. It is available by sending an email to: This email course generates subscribers 24/7, if I'm walking repparttar 117532 parks of Amsterdam, or watchingrepparttar 117533 midnight fireworks atrepparttar 117534 Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The list management service I subscribe to automatically adds new subs to my PC Tips series, or to my New Marketer Ezine list. It automatically removes unsubscribes, and allows me to send unscheduled mailings to either list

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