How To Win The .BIZ - .INFO Domain Lottery...

Written by Dr. Tag Powell Ph.D.

Anyone can win a million-dollar name, Really!

You have heard howrepparttar Internet is likerepparttar 108333 Old Wild West? You have not seen anything yet. The greatest Internet gold rush lottery will start June 25th, and probably no one told you. The prediction is that over 5 million new .BIZ and .INFO Domain Names will be registered withinrepparttar 108334 first few hours. Likerepparttar 108335 old days when settlers lined up for a Free Land Grab, a select group of "inrepparttar 108336 know" businesses and entrepreneurs are now quietly lining up by pre-registering beforerepparttar 108337 opening day ofrepparttar 108338 land rush lottery. Forrepparttar 108339 first timerepparttar 108340 "little guy" can join them inrepparttar 108341 game and get a million-dollar name for $20 to $40. In fact you could get several Domain treasures by pre-registering.

These new ICANN approved Domain extensions,repparttar 108342 first in over 10 years, will quickly becomerepparttar 108343 dot extensions of choice forrepparttar 108344 Internet, next torepparttar 108345 Big Chief .COM.

1. .COM 2. .BIZ 3. .INFO

Inrepparttar 108346 past developers and squatters had several years head start onrepparttar 108347 good .COM Domain Names. This was also true withrepparttar 108348 .CC, .TV, .WS and allrepparttar 108349 other dot extensions. The really good Domain Names were pulled byrepparttar 108350 promoters beforerepparttar 108351 names were offered torepparttar 108352 general public. This time you haverepparttar 108353 same chance to get those million dollar Domain Names asrepparttar 108354 wheelers and dealers.

The only exception is that trademark owners can register their Domain trademark names now for a filing fee of $199.75 (includes five years registration). The Trademark Owners advantage ends June 24th.

The Starting Gun Will Fire June 25th. On this daterepparttar 108355 .BIZ registration Land Rush lottery will open, followed byrepparttar 108356 opening ofrepparttar 108357 .INFO public lottery on July 25th.

All Domain Names pre-registered at that time (not registered byrepparttar 108358 Trademark owners) will go intorepparttar 108359 "hopper." The new Domain database holders, NeuLevel (.BIZ ) and Afilias (.INFO), will then select Domain Names at random from each ofrepparttar 108360 different Domain Name registrars, round-robin fashion. Yes, it will be a real lottery.

The random lottery drawings will continue until August 22nd for .INFO Domains and September 29th for .BIZ Domains. At that timerepparttar 108361 remaining Domain Names will be sold by standard registration methods.

How To Win Those Million-Dollar Domain Names

The Secrets...

1. Most Important Pre-Register Now! You want to be among those put intorepparttar 108362 "hopper" first. You should pre-register beforerepparttar 108363 starting day. After thatrepparttar 108364 whole world will know aboutrepparttar 108365 Land Rush.

2. You can vastly increase your odds by pre-registeringrepparttar 108366 same .INFO names with several Domain Name registration companies.

3. You can now buy several "tickets forrepparttar 108367 same .BIZ Domain Name fromrepparttar 108368 same registration company.

Likerepparttar 108369 lottery, you are simply buying more tickets but with different companies each having their "own" drawings fromrepparttar 108370 same pot. You don't care which registrar gets that great Domain Name for you, just so it is registered to you.

How Much Does It Cost For A Pre-Register Lottery Ticket For A New .BIZ Or .INFO Domain? >From FREE to $27,250.00 per name.

1. FREE Pre-Registrations. Network Solutions (Internic) has been collecting .BIZ and .INFO Domain Names for pre registration for months. They probably have over a million new .info and .biz names pre-registered. The good news is you can add your selection to this list for FREE.

By all means, pre-register your .BIZ and/or .INFO Domain desires with Internic. If you actually get that great new Domain Name you will only have to pay Internic (about $70.00) forrepparttar 108371 first two years.

Our suggestion is to register every great new Domain Name you can afford to pay for intorepparttar 108372 Internic que. (I pre-registered about 40 .BIZ and .INFO names with Internic myself.) Of course, just because you have a great new Domain pre-registered with one registration company, it does not mean you will getrepparttar 108373 name. If your Domain choice is pre-registered by someone with another registration company whose list is filed first, they will getrepparttar 108374 Domain. But try to pre-registerrepparttar 108375 names you desire. Asrepparttar 108376 expression goes, "It is hard to beat FREE!" Late Breaking .BIZ Information...

NeuLevel (BIZ master database holder) receivedrepparttar 108377 OK from ICANN to charge fee for every .BIZ Domain pre-registered untilrepparttar 108378 end ofrepparttar 108379 Land Rush Lottery period. This non-refundable fee is $10.00 per pre-registered .BIZ Domain. Some registrars like Domain Name Vault are discounting this fee to $6.00 and down to $4.50 depending on volume. Many registrars are still offering free .BIZ Domain pre-registrations butrepparttar 108380 free pre-registration does not include inrepparttar 108381 Round-Robin lottery. Your actual free .BIZ registration may not be submitted until afterrepparttar 108382 lottery.

More Late Breaking .BIZ Information... Now likerepparttar 108383 lottery... You can buy as many pre-register "tickets" as you desire for a specific .BIZ Domain Name.

2. Paid Pre Registrations. Due torepparttar 108384 large numbers of Internic free pre-registered .BIZ and .INFO Domains, your odds for getting a hit are low. The odds increase when you go to a Domain Name registration company whose que has smaller numbers, i.e. a paid pre-register. Becauserepparttar 108385 Domain Names are fed intorepparttar 108386 database at random from each registrar,repparttar 108387 smaller registrars should get their list of Domains registered first (as it is a smaller number).

$1.00 Per Name Pre-Registration. Domain Name Vault will pre-register your choice for $1 per name, minimum of twenty names. The money is non-refundable. Any new Domain Names you actually obtain, you will payrepparttar 108388 discounted Domain price of $19.95 per year, two year minimum.

$6.00 Per .BIZ Name Pre-Registration. Domain Name Vault will discountrepparttar 108389 $10 pre-registrations fee your .BIZ choice for $6 per name. You can pre-register as many "tickets" forrepparttar 108390 same name as you desire at $6.00 each and down to $4.50 by volume. The money is non-refundable. Any new Domain Names you actually obtain, you will payrepparttar 108391 discounted Domain price of $19.95 per year, two year minimum.

The secret of picking the right domain name

Written by Peter Doomen

Not that long ago, you could run an internet business without domain name. Not anymore. is a guarantee to fail.

This little article tells you how to pickrepparttar traffic generating domain name for your business. I assume you already knowrepparttar 108332 advantages of having a domain name: professionalism, traffic trough search engines and directories, added value and so on. Every domain registrar will tell you why you need a domain name. But no one tells you exactly how to find it. Read on to find out.

Basically, there are three types of domain names:

1) Domain name is equal to your company name, like or Pretty good choices if you either have a well-known company either haverepparttar 108333 marketing budget to make it well-known.

2) Domain name consists of popular keywords relevant to your business such as These can drive traffic to your site because of two reasons: search engines attach some weight torepparttar 108334 domain name, and surfers will rememberrepparttar 108335 name because ofrepparttar 108336 connection betweenrepparttar 108337 name andrepparttar 108338 business it stands for.

3) Bad domain names: all others. Why on earth would you choose a name that nobody knows, nobody remembers and does not drive traffic to your site?

Forrepparttar 108339 rest ofrepparttar 108340 article, I assume you don't have a well-known company or a big budget, but you still want a good domain name. The logical choice would be to choose a keyword-laden name.

I hear you yelling: "Okay, okay, I want a name. But keep it short". So I'll offer you a seven-step plan. Here it is: 1) Perform a keyword analysis. First list all words that are relevant to your business. Now pick all those words that you think people use to find you in a search engine. Rank these keywords in order of popularity. You can userepparttar 108341 keyword research tool at to estimate popularity.

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