How To Win The Affiliate Game

Written by Michael Southon

Are you frustrated with your affiliate programs? I used to be. Very frustrated! One day, in sheer desperation, I wrote to one of my affiliate programs and suggested thatrepparttar market was now saturated with their product - it was no longer possible to sell it.

The next day I received a very nice reply. "The Internet is HUGE", they said. "We predict it will be five years beforerepparttar 102610 market is saturated with our product. And long before that, we will have introduced our next product." They were right, of course. The problem was not withrepparttar 102611 market (the Internet is huge). Nor wasrepparttar 102612 problem with their product. The problem was inrepparttar 102613 way I was presenting it.

Since then, my affiliate sales have soared. Why? Because I learnt a few secrets to winningrepparttar 102614 affiliate game. Here they are:

1. Choose affiliate programs that relate very closely torepparttar 102615 theme of your website. Let me give you an example. Ofrepparttar 102616 three affiliate products I sell from my web site,repparttar 102617 one that does best by a long way is an eBook that shows people how to generate free Ezine advertising. Why does it do so well? Because my website is a directory of ezines and most of my visitors are already interested in Ezine Advertising before they even arrive at my website - I don't have to persuade them very much.

2. Buyrepparttar 102618 product yourself! Research across dozens of affiliate programs shows that at least 70% of sales in any affiliate program are made by repparttar 102619 small percentage of affiliates who actually buyrepparttar 102620 product they're selling. It makes sense doesn't it (how can you recommend something you've never used)?

3. Banners - they don't work anymore, and some experts believe banners will actually damage your affiliate sales.

Testimonials And Bonuses The Greatest One-Two Punch To Extraordinary Affiliate Site Sales!

Written by Nathan Lynch

Question: which factor would most sway you to purchase a product or service onrepparttar net? Lower price or a fantastic testimonial.

A heart-felt honest testimonial is hands downrepparttar 102609 best way to get a prospect to buy.

The importance of seeing one anther's testimonial is one of The biggest reasons people purchase on-line and off. Combine this with your own unique selling proposition and see your affiliate sales explode right before your eyes!

People love to see someone having success with a product or service. Just look at Brad Ricdale or any other informational guru. Most ofrepparttar 102610 half hour long commercials are made up of testimonials.

Why is this even more powerful onrepparttar 102611 Net?

Well,repparttar 102612 'Net' is impersonal and sometimes intimidating. Lets just take for example someone coming from a search engine. He or she are looking for some product or service that you have. This is probablyrepparttar 102613 first time they have seen your or heard anything about you or your affiliate they are less inclined to buy.

Evenrepparttar 102614 seasoned internet surfer, or in this case, an internet marketer will hesitate to buy if there has not been enough information provided or if they do not feel comfortable with you or your affiliate. Put your prospect at ease and your selling will be more effective.

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