How To Use Viral Marketing Tools To Explode Your Ezine List!

Written by Bret Forster


How To Use Viral Marketing Tools To Explode Your Ezine Subscriber List!

By Bret Forster /


Iím sure that most online marketers agree that successful online businesses revolve around a large list of hungry subscribers. In todayís Internet business environment, if you arenít reminding people you still exist your business will stagnate and die!

So how do you let both potential and current subscribers know that you still exist? I believe that Viral Marketing Techniques and Tools arerepparttar key to your future dreams of a profit filled future.

The correct use of Viral Marketing has lead to huge online businesses! Everyone has heard ofrepparttar 134270 Hotmail example. That one little snippet, ďGet your free email atĒ, on every outbound email lead to 12 million subscribers in 1.5 years! Whatís even more amazing is that Hotmail reportedly spent less than $500,000 on marketing and promotion!

Ok, I know what youíre thinking. How is this going to help me? Donít worry, Iíll explain inrepparttar 134271 rest of this informative article. :o)

I believe your entire online marketing success depends on your ability to gain new ezine subscribers to your own opt-in only ezine or newsletter list.

A Huge list of ezine subscribers = A Huge explosion of online business profits!

This isrepparttar 134272 basic formula for ezine subscriber list success.

The easiest way to grow your ezine subscriber list is by using viral marketing tools.

In other words, if you give away free eBooks and e-Reports, they should be Viral in nature.

Here's a basic viral example:

Let's suppose that you have an opt-in ezine list related to eBook Marketing. Your subscribers are most likely looking for eBook writing and marketing tips.

You could offer them a free eBook on ďHow to Submit Your eBook torepparttar 134273 Best eBook Directories onrepparttar 134274 Internet!Ē On each page ofrepparttar 134275 eBook, add a highly visible website link to your ezineís subscribe webpage. Here's an example ad and link Iíve used for my Profits Explosion Ezine:


Written by Bob Mobino

writes Bob Mobino

I have tried several Safelists endorsing numerous differentiated marketing programs, but without any substantial result.

"Most Safelists are worthless piles of junk"... that's what I thought, because I've been using Safelists since their inauguration with ludicrous upshots.

Despiterepparttar poor results in my advertising efforts with Safelists, I insisted pursuing them... because, at least, due to my "Addicting email Ads", I kept rejoicing awesome CTR, but again... my vendors couldn't "close that *damn* sale!".

The Marketing Demon inside me just wouldn't unwind... this "marketing beast" wanted results...repparttar 134269 Beast was itchy pitchy for success with those imp Safelists.

The Greedy Beast, Lusted for Feast!

So I kept testing a plethora of ads, programs and creative promos with Safelists, until...



You see... it wasn't really due to my burden that my ads didn't generate any sales... it was for my dull and unfitted vendors who just didn't "close that (you know what...) sale!".

Why am I, Bob Mobino, actually sharing these facts with you? In reality, I am not such a charitable person, but (I) rather wanted to Print THIS Page as a Prize for my Discovery. I just love printing "positive affirmation messages", so my euplastic brain eventually ABSORBS every successful ad, or quote, or event or...

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